Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Half + One Half...

This was originally posted on a separate "30 Before 30" blog, but I'm now deleting that and combining all past and future blog posts with this one. I'm copying over past posts with the original post date.


Equals one whole marathon, right? :)

Last week I ran the Foot Traffic Flat half marathon on Sauvie Island. My goal was to beat 3 hours (and absolutely beat my first half marathon time, 3:09:06). Anything that I could start with "2" would be awesome!


(I'm actually almost as impressed with myself for the accuracy in starting/stopping my Garmin right as I stepped on the start/finish mats - it was only one second off.)

I've had my Garmin 210 for about a month now, and I love having so much data to analyze.

Mile 1 - 13:06
Mile 2 - 12:34 (fastest mile!)
Mile 3 - 12:53
Mile 4 - 13:49
Mile 5 - 12:39
Mile 6 - 14:35  (this includes stopping to use a porty potty)
Mile 7 - 12:57
Mile 8 - 13:31
Mile 9 - 13:17
Mile 10 - 13:06
Mile 11 - 14:16
Mile 12 - 14:37 (slowest mile)
Mile 13 - 14:25
Mile 13.2 - 2:32 (somehow I acquired an extra tenth of a mile) (12:02 mile pace)

Beth ran the first 8 miles with me, then I took off a little faster. We're talking about doing marathon training next summer, to run the Portland Marathon in October 2013.

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