Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Half

Today I ran the holiday half marathon - definitely won't be doing any long races this time of year again! Pretty miserable out today, about 40 degrees, windy, and raining off and on. Which was only to be expected, I just ignore reality sometimes in regards to running.

I ran the first 5-ish miles with my friend Beth, then she dropped back and I sped up a little. I did really well for a few miles; at the halfway point I was even on track to meet my optimistic goal! By mile 10, I was getting tired and cold, and when I stopped for a walking break I had a random tightness in my left leg. The last few miles I had two strong, opposing forces: stop moving, or finish as fast as possible. I ended up somewhere in between, moving pretty slowly and with a lot of walking breaks. 

Final time: 2:52:10 (new PR by 6 minutes!). 13:08 pace per official time; 13:03 pace per Garmin (which measured slightly long, 13.19 miles). Considering how much my training dropped off in the last month or so, I'm just glad to have PR'd, although I wish I'd gone a touch faster to get my average pace in the 12:XXs.

Mile splits:
1 - 12:25

2 - 12:25
3 - 12:24
4 - 13:26
5 - 12:04
6 - 11:58
7 - 11:56
8 - 12:31
9 - 13:23
10 - 14:22
11 - 14:20
12 - 14:17
13 - 14:38
13.19 - 2:02 (10:39 pace)

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