Sunday, June 7, 2015

FT Flat Half Training Week 4 & NROLFW Phase 2 Week 3b


Monday: Run 1.25 miles (12:48 pace)

Tuesday: Easy run 4.2 miles (13:02 pace) - Felt much easier than other easy runs lately. (The drop in temps to 60 was probably a factor there!)

Wednesday: Run 5.0 miles (12:26 pace) - easy with a HIIT segment

Goal: 2.5 - 3 miles easy, 4 x 2:00 @ < 8:30 with 2:00 recoveries, 1 mile easy
1 - 3: 13:02 pace
4 x 2:00 intervals: 8:32, 8:43, 9:18, 8:41
4 x 2:00 recovery: 14:59, 15:59, 16:18, 15:11
0.6 easy: 12:07 pace

Thursday: Run 1.3 miles (12:29 pace)

Friday: Run 1.2 miles (12:42 pace)

Saturday: Long run 9.0 miles (13:13 pace) - In the same neighborhood as long runs lately for overall pace, but it felt easier overall, especially the first half or so. Despite the heat - 84 degree when I started! But the bonus of running in the evening (cause mornings are ridiculous hard!) is that it gets cooler instead of warmer as you go. :)

Sunday: Tempo-ish run 3.15 miles (12:17 pace) + NROLFW phase 2 workout B

Started my run maybe just going to do the minimum 1 mile for the running streak, but felt good a few minutes in so I decided a 5k at MGP (12:30) on tired legs would be fun.

Total running: 25.1 miles

Cut back week per the half marathon training plan, so pretty good as far as that goes. But then I signed up for the Portland marathon, which I should basically be starting training for right now, so I've cut to pick it up a bit on the half training for it to flow into actual marathon training after the race. 

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  1. My favorite thing about running in the late afternoon into the evening is that it gets progressively cooler. It's nice to finish the run feeling better than when you started!

    That's so exciting that you signed up for another round of Portland. I'm looking forward to hearing about your training and goals for this year's race!


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