Thursday, January 29, 2015

Three Things Thursday: Biking and Not Biking

1. I've decided not to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride as I'd planned on my 2015 race schedule. I do want to do it eventually, but I'm just not ready for that now and I won't be anytime soon. I particularly realized this as I read about it often filling up quickly, and turned out I wasn't too disappointed about the idea of it already being filled up by the time it opens to non-members of the organization that puts it on. 

As such, I'm also going to reduce my biking mileage goal for the year down to 1,500 miles.

2. But, I will be biking more, because I got a new toy for my birthday! I haven't had a chance to install and try them out yet, but looking forward to it, probably tomorrow. :)

3. And I still want a big last hurrah* before trying to get pregnant, so I'm seriously debating doing a full marathon this year. But I can't do Portland (first weekend of October), because that's potentially a smidge too late in our plan. I might do the full at Foot Traffic Flat, which is July 4 (I've done the half for a few years). It is, as the name suggests, a very flat course which would be nice. Though I'd like to have more time, and do one in August or September, I can't find one, and I suppose those months should be dedicated to Hood to Coast and triathlon training, respectively, anyway. I'm going to work on increasing my long runs, and if I'm close to 10 miles by mid-March (providing a 16-week official training cycle from that point), I think I'm going to do it.

*My instinct was to spell this hurraw, because the lip balm is awesome. And so is the company - when I ordered a bunch in December (some for stocking stuffers, some for me), they included the night treatment "moon balm" as a freebie. I'd actually considered ordering it, but the scent combo sounded weird. And honestly, the scent isn't my favorite, but I do feel like it's relaxing and helping me sleep (or is a really effective placebo). 

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