Thursday, January 29, 2015

PMT Style Challenge: Pinned Outfit

This week's challenge: wear an outfit you pinned. I actually only recently started a "fashion" pinterest board, so, this was more thinking of a variation on outfits I've seen on blogs and such that I liked, and then finding a pin along those lines to make it a bit more concrete. 

I've tended away from button-up shirts for business wear, primarily because I don't like having things on my lower arms; any long-sleeve knit gets pushed up for the majority of the day. And then a button-up under a sweater is just silly, because you're wasting the comfort of the sweater by putting a non-stretch fabric underneath it. Ridiculous! (Although I do love the aesthetic of sleeve cuffs popping out at the end of a sweater sleeve, I just can't handle the discomfort of it.)

However! In the last year or so I've acquired a couple sleeveless button-up shirts, and have started wearing them under v-neck sweaters. I'm not sure why I hadn't ever put it under a cardigan, since v-necks and cardigans really are the staples of my work wardrobe. 

Left: Source

Sweater and collared shirt from JC Penny. Slacks from Target. Heels from DSW. Necklace and earrings from Etsy.

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