Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Run 5k & Fight for Air Stair Climb Training Week 1


Monday: Easy run 1.15 miles (15:31 pace) + plank 30 seconds

Thinking of doing a running streak for the month of December, so had to get in something today for that to be possible. Kept it at an easy effort level (typically 13:30 - 14:00-ish as of late), but obviously my body's still tired from the race!

Tuesday Stairmaster 5 minutes (22 floors = 13.64 sec/floor) + treadmill run 1.0 mile (13:34 pace, 1.0% incline)

I wasn't sure if the rec center gym near me had a stairmaster (only been there a few times to use the treadmill, but just hadn't paid attention to what other machines are there), but luckily it has two! I'm going to try to train on real stairs, too (my office building has 8 floors, so I think I can get some decent training with that), but to do some continuous longer climbing, this will be great.

Even though I'd looked up finish times for similar events and figured the race (80 floors) should take 15 - 20 minutes, I was still surprised to see how many floors, according to the stairmaster, I did in just 5 minutes, at a moderate but not too hard intensity setting. I have a feeling that climbing real stairs (and more gravity working against you, just like running outdoors versus a treadmill), won't feel quite as easy.

Wednesday: Track run 4.0 miles (12:58 overall pace)

Goal: 1 mile warm-up, 4 x 0.25 @ 9:00 (2:15) with 0.25 recoveries, 1 mile cool-down.
Warm-up: 13:42
4 x 0.25 intervals: 2:14 (8:55), 2:12 (8:48), 2:11 (8:44!), 2:14 (8:56) <--- those are all 8s!!!
4 x 0.25 recovery: 14:47, 15:55, 14:51, 15:40
Cool-down: 14:05

Goodness. Those intervals were certainly tough, but surprisingly doable! 

It's kind of fun to be doing some track work again - went a few times in the summer (we have a couple schools with tracks near by - one's a mile - ok, actually half a mile, but I can loop around a block to fit in a mile warm-up to get there - and one's about a mile and a half) but when the school year started I wasn't comfortable using the track while kid teams were using the field (allegedly it's considered ok/not rude, but I'm too self-conscious, plus it feels rude to me). But, I recently realized that with this cold weather there must certainly be a winter break from any outdoor sport practices!

Thursday Swim 1,000 yards + stairmaster 10 minutes (48 floors = 12.5 sec/floor) + treadmill run 1 mile (12:46 pace, 1.0% incline) + plank 40 seconds

Friday: Easy run 2.0 miles (13:35 pace)

Saturday: Tempo run 4.0 miles (12:08 overall pace, 10:55 tempo pace) + plank 40 seconds

Goal: 1 warm-up, 2 @ 10:40, 1 cool-down
Warm-up: 12:22 (mostly downhill)
2 tempo: 10:38, 11:12
Cool-down: 14:18

Oy, that was harder than I expected. The second tempo mile was mostly uphill, but even the first, mostly downhill (out-and-back route), one was tough. 

Sunday: Easy run 2.3 miles (13:54 pace)

Total swimming: 1,000 yards
Total running: 15.45 miles
Total stairs: 70 floors


  1. Way to kick butt at that track workout! All 8s!!!! That tempo run was also really awesome! Whooo! Great week!


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