Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alaska Honeymoon: Washington

Our Alaska honeymoon actually began in Washington. After spending the morning the day after our wedding packing and running a few last minute errands, we drove up to the west side of the Puget Sound. We stopped along the way to play disc golf in Shelton, then for for dinner in Belfair at the Rice Bowl. The Rice Bowl was a tiny bit sketchy looking, but turned out to have really good food, and an extensive menu with a variety of Asian cuisines.

Seems like a lovely backdrop for starting a honeymoon.

Our destination for the night was the Cedar Cove Inn in Port Orchard. This is a beautiful B&B with a lovely view of the sound.

One note: there isn't AC, but airing our the room with windows and french doors (which open onto a balcony that if I recall correctly goes all the way around the house) through the evening and a fan going kept it reasonable. A minor lack of modern conveniences can be easily forgiven, though, with all of the old fashioned features and charm.

Seriously the prettiest toilet I've ever seen.

After checking in we headed out to the local high school pool for some laps (we were still tri training at this point). The pool was set on "long course" (50 meters, compared to 25 yards or meters), which was the first time I'd experienced that. Despite having swam more than that in one stretch, there's a mental challenge to it when you don't have a wall touch at smaller intervals.

Port Orchard, WA

The next morning we got up early for a sightseeing run of Port Orchards. After quick showers we joined the other guests for breakfast, which was a crepe-type dish, the name of which I can't remember. But it was airy and delicious! We enjoyed the landscaping on the grounds for a bit, then headed towards Seattle.

On the grounds of the Cedar Cove Inn.

Along the way we fit in some more disc golf, in Bremerton and Auburn, and had lunch at Tony's Pizzeria. Eventually we made it to SeaTac, where we checked in and had dinner with plenty of time to spare. And then even more time to spare, as our flight was delighted an hour, then two, then two and half. We ended up leaving at almost the time we should have been landing in Anchorage! Fortunately, for our troubles we each got a $100 voucher from Alaska Airlines, but we ended up not arriving until after midnight. 

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