Friday, September 19, 2014

The Wedding

*All photos in this post and linked album by Stephanie Kaloi.*

Abe and I got married on July 27 at the Village Ballroom, a historic building in NE Portland.

The space didn't need much added, so things got started at 1:00 when we arrived, along with some family members, to set up a few things. We really just had to put out tablecloths and runners, and put boxes of candy and playing cards (the favors) on top as the centerpieces.

For our guest "book" we used this idea from Offbeat Bride to have our guests sign Jenga blocks. That table also showcased a wedding photo of Abe's paternal grandparents, who happened to get married on the same day, 79 years prior.

Stephanie showed up while family members continued setting things up. (Big thank you to everyone who helped set up, and clean up afterward!) We did some formal portraits outdoors and indoors, then did group family shots.

Guests started arriving shortly before 2:00, the advertised "doors open" time. Rather than hiding out, Abe and I were both milling around, greeting guests. Though it was a bit socially exhausting for introverts such as ourselves, it was a great way to make sure we at least connected briefly with everyone before things got busy with the party. 

By about 2:20, it seemed everyone had arrived and was getting settled at tables, we had B switch the background music to "Somebody's Getting Married" (from The Muppets Take Manhattan) while we meandered our way through the tables to the front of the room.

Abe's friend, F, got ordained as a Dudeist priest to be our officiant, although from our perspective he was more of the "moderator" of our ceremony - legally qualified to be our officiant, but Oregon marriage laws don't require the officiant to say any specific words or take specific actions other than be present at the ceremony. We worked with him to draft our ceremony, which include some introductory and transition sections by F and a couple readings that Abe and I presented. We had our sisters come up to sign the marriage license as the legal witnesses. 

We ended by having B re-start the music with Sara Bareilles' "I Choose You", and we left the stage to head over to our table and play our first game as a married couple, mancala. 

(If the slideshow isn't working, you can view album directly on flickr here.)

Our guests either started a game or got in line for food. Our friends L and J were sitting at the next table and offered to get us food so we didn't have to wait in line. They jumped to the front and got us plates with some of everything. Which, I realized later, meant I never saw all the food set out! But it all tasted good. :) 

We eventually got up and each wandered about to chat with guests, and occasionally play a game with them. It seems like everyone got into the spirit of the event and spent some time playing a game, which was great to see! Things started to wrap up after a couple hours, and the first few people started leaving.

By the time all the guests had left, my family and some of Abe's remained to help us pack up things to take home. We picked up Indian takeout food for dinner, and spent a relaxing evening at home, watching the latest episode of SYTYCD and opening the cards we got at the wedding. It was a delightful way to wind up the wedding day for a couple of introverts!


  1. Looks like a perfect day! I love how much your day fit you two as a couple. Sounds great! Congratulations!

  2. What a fun wedding! I didn't even know there was an official Dudism - schweet ;) And that is great you saw everyone before so you could connect. I feel like that is really important to me as a guest when I go to a wedding - that I at least get a short chance to talk to the couple :)

    1. Right, you're there for them, you should get to talk to them. :) It was definitely important to us to truly "host" the wedding just like anything else we host, which obviously involves talking to all your guests at some point.


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