Sunday, August 10, 2014

HTC Training Week 3 & Triathlon Training Week 7 & Honeymoon Week 1

Why, hello, there! We just got back on Friday from our honeymoon. I didn't have reliable access to internet (for the first few days we were in a part of our motel that was far enough away from the main section so the wifi signal was really weak, and then on the cruise we were in and out of international waters so my phone went into roaming and the onboard wifi was super expensive), but spending time reading or writing blog posts certainly wouldn't have been high on my priorities anyway. :) 

As Abe and I are both training for races, we tried to fit in workouts as much as we could, without sacrificing enjoyment of our trip and the beautiful sights and fun activities. We tended to be pretty active outside of workouts, too, with disc golf and walking while sightseeing and such.

Here are the workouts for the week ended August 3rd.


Monday: Swim 1,200 meters 
Active non-workouts: Played half a round of disc golf and walked the second half.

After packing and running some errands, we drove up to the west side of the Puget Sound for the first leg of our trip. We got in fairly late, but on the way I did some research and found a local community pool that had an evening lap swim! It was on long course (50 meters, instead of 25 yards/meters), so that was a new experience. Amazing how just the mental aspect of going so far without a wall - even if you know you can go that distance - makes it seem so much harder!

Tuesday: Run 2.0 miles (13:11 pace) - a sightseeing run around Port Orchard, with lots of stops for photos. 
Active non-workouts: Played 2/3s a round of disc golf and walked the last six holes + walked a second round of disc golf.

Unfortunately we had to run up a hill to get this view.

Wednesday: Biked 27.25 miles (10.3 mph)
Active non-workouts: Walked/hiked a very hilly disc golf course.

After flying from Seattle to Anchorage late Tuesday night, we spend Wednesday on rented bikes, exploring the Coastal Trail and other parts of town. The total bike mileage was broken up by meals and a round of disc golf, but had some very challenging hills and totally counted for my long bike for the week!

Thank you random stranger for taking our picture! Getting a selfie with the sign, ourselves, and our bikes proved challenging.

Thursday: No official workouts; mostly riding the bus and walking around town.
Active non-workouts: At least three miles walking.

Friday: Stationary bike 7.5 miles (14.9 mph) in the gym on the cruise ship
Active non-workouts: Played a 9-hole disc golf course + at least three miles walking to/from the course and around town. Around 15 flights of stairs - see Saturday explanation.

We took a train from Anchorage to Seward, to get on the cruise ship for the remaining days of the trip. We had the afternoon free before having to get on, though, so we took the free city shuttle towards the 9-hole disc golf course near one end of town, and then walked to the port to embark. 

Saturday am: Run 3.0 miles (10:55 pace!) on the ship track - HTC practice run 1 of 2. This took 19 laps - we were told 1 mile = 6.3 laps. Pretty amazed by my pace, but it was definitely the flattest surface I've ever run on; even tracks on land I feel like tilt slightly from one end to the the other, but not on a boat deck!
Saturday pm: Treadmill run 1.5 miles (12:28 pace) - HTC practice run 2 of 2. Should have run farther, but just couldn't get into it. We'll call this a cutback week? Plus, you know, honeymoon.
Active non-workouts: Rock climbing! My first time ever doing this - scary the first time, but then started getting fun. Also, lots of stair climbing. Our state room was on deck 3, most of the bars and other entertainment were on deck 6, the dining room we went to the most was on deck 11, the gym was on deck 12, and the rock wall on deck 13. We decided to make a game of sorts trying to limit our elevator rides to one per day. I'd guesstimate we went up and down at around 50 flights of stairs in total each cruising day; maybe 40 flights on port days when we weren't going to and from as many activities on the ship during the day.

This was a cruising day, no port visit, so I tried to fit in a bit more formal exercise.

Not the worst view for running in place!

Sunday: No official workouts. The ship docked in Juneau, so lots of sightseeing.
Active non-workouts: At least 5 miles walking/hiking. Lots of stair climbing.

Total swimming: 1,200 yards
Total biking: 34.75 miles
Total running: 6.5 miles
Total stairs: 105 flights

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