Sunday, July 27, 2014

HTC Training Week 2 & Triathlon Training Week 6


Monday: Easy/active rest day - bike 6.15 miles (11.8 mph) (to/from a friend's house) + core work

Tuesday: Run 3.6 miles (12:29 pace) + TRI Team swim practice 1,200 yards

Wednesday: Unintentional rest day - slept in too long before work, busy after work.

Thursday: Run 3.6 miles (12:43 average page) - track workout
Warm-up (to track) 1 mile - 12:03
4 x 0.25 (goal = 9:30 - 9:45 pace) - 9:32, 9:39, 9:39, 9:37
0.15 recovery after each, walking
Cool-down (to home) 1 mile - 12:59

Friday AM: Run 5.0 miles (13:27 pace) - HTC practice run 1 of 2
I did a point-to-point run (to a MAX station to ride back home), so as to maximize the uphills without also getting the corresponding downhills. Also played with run/walk intervals, which I think I'm going to have to do on my second HTC leg to survive it at all (see elevation profiles of my HTC legs here).
Mile 1: warm-up, net elevation loss 138 ft, 13:13 pace
Miles 2 - 4: 3:1 run:walk intervals, net elevation gain 354 ft/total elevation gain 777 ft, 13:53 pace
Mile 5: cool-down, net elevation gain 62 ft, 12:41 pace

Friday mid: Bike 11.1 miles (12.4 mph) + swim 1,650 yards (1 swimming mile!) (adapted from 0 to 1650 week 4) - 4 x 25, 600, 300, 4 x 100, 5 x 50

Friday PM: Run 4.0 miles (13:02 pace) - HTC practice run 2 of 2

Saturday: Semi-deliberate rest day - was hoping to fit a swim in, and maybe a short run but just didn't happen.

Sunday: Brick workout - bike 20.4 miles (14.5 mph! fastest ever ride, even shorter distances!) + run 1.15 miles (10:54! Also a really great pace for me!)

Total swimming: 2,850 yards
Total biking: 37.65 miles
Total running: 17.35 miles

No strength training this week, just cause I knew I'd be busy and hard-pressed to fit in enough swim/bike/run workouts as it was. Not quite the volume I'd like to be at right now - for running in particular, with Hood to Coast coming up, and for the other disciplines as well. But for everything going on currently (you know, that little event coming up this afternoon where we're getting married), not too shabby. 


  1. Wow, your workouts are inspiring! Well done!

    1. Thanks!

      I'm usually pretty lazy about doing actually running *workouts*, and just get out and run the miles instead, but I've been being more consistent lately, and feeling pretty strong!


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