Sunday, July 6, 2014

FT Flat Half Training Week 8 & Triathlon Training Week 3


Monday: Core work

Tuesday: TRI Team swim practice 1,250 yards

Wednesday: Run 2.45 miles (13:01 pace) + bike 4.25 miles (9.2 mph)

Thursday: Swim 1,000 yards (adapted from 0 to 1650 week 2) - 4 x 25, 200, 4 x 100, 4 x 50, 4 x 25

Friday: Foot Traffic Flat half marathon - recap post to come. The gist - it wasn't my worst half marathon time ever.

Saturday: Bike 22.0 miles (9.7 mph) + swim 1,250 yards
Bike - rode with Abe to practice a potential bike commute to work. I'm not sure I'm inclined to use it.
Swim - same as Thursday, plus 5 extra laps while waiting for Abe to finish his longer planned distance.

Sunday: Run 2 miles (13:07 pace) + TRI Team bike ride 24.5 miles (13.6 mph)

Total swimming: 3,500 yards
Total biking: 50.75 miles (!)
Total running: 17.55 miles

I know I'm improving on the bike - this week's ride was two loops of Sauvie Island. A couple weeks ago we did one loop, and I was almost 1 mph slower than I was today on twice the distance. Still not super comfortable, though, but getting there.

I think I might be done with longer distance running races (i.e., half marathons) for a while. For whatever reason I'm not focusing on training enough to get substantially faster, and running them at my current pace has stopped being fun. I'm sure I'll get back to them eventually, but for now going to focus on triathlons and improving on 5ks and 10ks.

I think Abe and I are going to do a 5k together the morning of our wedding. I got the idea from a couple (and a good chunk of their bridal party) that was running the half on Friday, with customized t-shirts and wedding accessories (the groom had a bow tie, the bride wore a mini veil). Despite not wanting to be the center of attention for a prolonged period of time around our loved ones at the wedding itself, the idea of momentarily attracting attention from strangers by wearing wedding shirts in a race on our wedding day is oddly appealing.

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