Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Toastmasters: Quote of the Day

After joining Toastmasters a couple weeks ago, they set up the schedule of roles and speeches for July and August, so I'm on the hook now for real participation! Fortunately, they're easing me in, and my first meeting role was today and just to present the Quote of the Day. (Although I also got called up for a tabletalk - a brief impromptu speech based on a provided prompt.)

The QOD is supposed to tie in with the meeting's theme, if possible, which for today was the 4th of July. After some searching and not really liking or agreeing with many of the patriotic-themed results, I came across a great quote I'd seen many years ago and forgotten about:

A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works. - Bill Vaughan


  1. I've often thought of doing something like Toastmasters--any kind of public speaking can be really hard for me. This is really interesting--I didn't realize this was how the structure of the meetings worked. Very cool!

    1. Yes, public speaking is not my forte, so I think this is going to be a very useful, if challenging, experience for me!

      The meetings are very structured - the club president always does some sort of intro/bringing the meeting to order, but the other roles rotate. So there's the Toastmaster for the meeting, who picks the theme, confirms beforehand that the other assigned roles can attend, introduces each speaker, etc, and generally leading most of the meeting. Each meeting has three speeches, and there's an assigned evaluator for each speech, there's a grammarian who listens for ums, or good sentence structure or phrases used, etc., timer (each speech/role has assigned time goals), tabletalk master, who comes up with the prompts for the impromptu tabletalk mini-speeches, plus the quote of the day and word of the day. So even though you're probably not doing an official speech more than once a month, at most (probably more like once every other month), you're involved in some official role that requires at least a little speaking in front of the club on a fairly regular basis.

      Of course I'm still new at it, but so far it's been a great experience, and I'd totally encourage you to check out clubs meeting near you if you have time, and think you'd benefit from it.


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