Thursday, October 3, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Summer Favorites

Summer is officially over, and from a running standpoint I'm certainly glad to be done with 80 degree weather at 8 pm. But now, as we begin ten months of rain, I'd like to look back and share a few things I enjoyed this past season.

1. Frozen Yogurt. Yes, I realize I'm years late on this concept. Actually, I was early - we went to TCBY all the time when I was kid. Then, when the self-serve froyo places became a trend, I avoided them simply because they were a trend, and I like to think I'm cool like that (note, I said think I'm cool, I'm aware I'm not actually). Then I was hanging out with some of Abe's friends, and we went out for frozen yogurt. And it's really fun to have all the different options, it's relatively healthy (for a dessert - lower calorie and higher protein), and relatively cheap (my average serving size is maybe $3 or $3.50). A wonderful option for long-run days when I was trying to balance re-fueling with refining my healthy eating habits, or just because I feel like it.

2. Much Ado About Nothing. I initially found out about this movie because I hadn't ever seen Dr. Horrible, and Abe remedied that via youtube. Of course, that resulted in watching related videos, as one does on youtube, eventually leading to a clip of a Nathan Fillion scene in Much Ado. Although initially apprehensive that I wouldn't understand and follow the plot well enough to enjoy it, since this isn't an adaption of the storyline, it's the actual Shakespearean script (though set in the present day), plus the posters I started noticing once I was aware of the movie, of the scuba mask.. well, seemed weird.

Watching this movie is much different than merely reading a script, though - the acting, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. really do make it possible to follow along even when you don't quite understand what they're saying. The humor was actually really apparent. (That last sentence seems like a very odd and un-fun statement to make about humor. But it's true.) Plus, it's Joss Whedon and a bunch of awesome actors who often work on his projects, like Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher.

The DVD is being released October 8! I am extraordinarily exclusive when it comes to DVD purchases (I own the entire series of Gilmore Girls, Alias, and Firely, Serenity, Back to the Future trilogy, and Twilight. I think that's it.), but am planning to buy this, and so should you.

3. Zoomcare. Is it weird to have a favorite urgent care clinic? Undoubtedly. But when I noticed I had a UTI on a Thursday and wanted to put off going to my doctor until the following Monday, but by Saturday realized I ought to take care of it as soon as possible, this clinic came to mind, as I'd heard their ads on the radio. 

Mid-morning on a Saturday I was able to go online to make an appointment for just a few hours later. Since I'd indicated the reason for the appointment, when I checked in they had a kit for me to go to the bathroom and give a urine sample right away, instead of waiting to see the doctor first. The doctor (actually, I think it was a physician's assistant) saw me within a couple minutes, took copious digital notes of my medical history and current symptoms while we chatted and another employee did an initial analysis of my sample. I was able to buy the prescription I needed from them for the same as my co-pay at a pharmacy would have been. Within a few days another doctor within their system emailed me detailed lab results of my sample, and even quickly responded to questions I emailed about the results.

After having cliche experiences at urgent care clinics in the past (wait an hour in the waiting room, wait another half hour in the patient room, see a doctor who doesn't seem to really be paying attention, etc.), this was just an awesome experience. I even joined yelp specifically so I could leave a positive review!

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