Monday, October 14, 2013

Marathon Thought Dump

(I think this is finally the end of marathon-focused posts!)

For 24 hours after: Why did I do this?! I can't believe I thought this was a good idea!

By Tuesday: Hmmm... I kind of want to redeem myself and try again to meet my time goal.

The worst physical consequences: 
  1. Chafing on my rib cage from my sports bra. I'm now realizing that I probably over-tightened the straps, so my the band was pulling up and rubbing in a way that it usually doesn't.
  2. My feet hurt badly from the pounding for the last 6 miles, and about 12 hours afterward. This happened at the end of my first half marathon, too, but went away as I adjusted to the distance. I'm not sure there was anything I could have done to prevent this other than increase my training distance more gradually.
  3. Tight calf muscles. Maybe I should wear compression sleeves or socks while running (instead of just for recovery)? I don't just because I hate feeling overheated, but maybe it'd be worth the minor discomfort if it minimized this issue.
I saw the blisters on Abe's feet, and am so glad I wear running shoes that have a wider toe box and don't cause things like that! I didn't even wear socks - and no blisters.

For about 4 hours afterwards I wasn't very hungry at all. Then my appetite kicked in, I ate a bunch of pizza for dinner, and even woke up at 3:30 am the night after absolutely starving. For the next couple days I was pretty hungry every three hours or so, too.

I definitely went out top fast. If I'd started at 12:45, instead of 12:15, could I have at least stayed under 6 hours?

A pace chart wristband just printed on plain paper will quickly disintegrate from sweat. Next time I'll laminate it with tape first, or pay a couple bucks to buy a temporary tattoo version to put on my arm.

I think I'll volunteer at next year's marathon (the volunteers were all really awesome, and made it less miserable than it could have been), and maybe give another go at running it the year after that.

It's pretty awesome to have your name on your bib and thus random people can shout your name and cheer you on! The first couple times it happened was while I was also keeping my eye out for a couple people I knew might be spectating, so I was a surprised and trying to place the voice before realizing it was strangers. Especially by the end, it was really helpful to know you had the crowd supporting you.

By Thursday, the constant hunger finally decreased.

Would it be crazy to do a 30k (18.64 miles) as my late summer/fall goal race next year?

Actually, upon looking for 30k races in the area, I found the ORRC Champoeg Park Run on March 1... yes, that'd be in the middle of tax season, but taking into account a 2 - 3 week taper, I'd be done with the peak of training not too far into February, which seems feasible. Based on the marathon, I'd finish a 30k within 4 hours.

Sunday: Never want to run again.
Monday: A little 2 mile run sounds great.
Tuesday: Planning out my next races, focusing on 5ks and 10ks.
Thursday: Planning out my next long race - oh, a 30k sounds great!
Saturday: Ok, maybe a 30k is too much, but I can definitely set some new PRs in 5k, 10k, and half marathons.

I did my first run post-race on Tuesday, and although I was deliberately going slow, my legs were feeling pretty sluggish anyway. On Thursday I intended to go slow again - but ended up going about 30 seconds faster than planned, and it felt good! My legs felt pretty much back to normal. Same on Saturday, intending to keep an easy "long" run pace (though a relatively short distance), but a faster speed felt fine.

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