Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIAW: Long Run Day

Here's what I ate last Sunday, which started with a 14 mile run (just over 3 hours).

Pre-run breakfast: Telera roll with Happy Cow cheese, HiBall energy drink
Running fuel: Water in my hydration vest, caffeinated ShotBloks, Honey Stinger chews
Post-run: Coco Hydro (dehydrated/powdered flavored coconut water - cheaper and less packaging than regular coconut water), banana - I'm still getting used to the flavor of coconut water, but it's growing on me!
Lunch: Papa Murphy's pizza, carrots, Odwalla juice

After recently sending Abe to pick up pizza for dinner without explicit enough instructions, I realized this is a pretty good veggie combo - spinach, tomatoes, and pineapple (previously just pineapple was my go-to). 

I've generally been trying to avoid drinking calories - healthy beverage or not - but also started liking these types of juices, so have started routinely having them as a treat/re-fueling on long run days.
Snack: Otter Pops! HFCS may be the second ingredient, but they're only 15 calories each and delicious on a summary day.

Dinner: Near East roasted garlic and olive oil pasta with tomatoes and zucchini sauteed in olive oil, string cheese
Dessert: Ice cream - Why does Breyers label this as "Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry" instead of neapolitan? 

This probably seems like a lot of food - it is a lot of calories for me (about 2,400), but I burned about 1,400 running! I've only recently started trying to calorie count, and I'm definitely not disciplined about it so I can't really talk about what I "usually" do, but in theory I'm trying to set a base calorie amount that assumes a moderate amount (30 - 40 minutes) of daily exercise that will facilitate a pound or so of weight loss per week, and when I exercise longer than that eat back about half of the calories burned. With that plan, I still went over a little (still experimenting with that base amount, but it should probably be in the 1,400 - 1,500 range, which means I replaced about 2/3 of the calories from the long run), but not horribly so.

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