Monday, July 1, 2013

Truth Be Told: Marathon Training Week 4


Monday: 2 mile run (13:17)

Tuesday: 1 mile run (10:56)

Wednesday: 6.2 mile run (12:24 pace) with Abe (he'd run ahead and do squats and did some extra loops around parking lots and such - he ended up with 8 miles and 140 squats in the same total time)
Goal: 6 miles moderate (12:00 - 12:30)
1: 11:21
2: 11:50
3: 12:21
4: 13:11
5: 12:46
6: 12:58
6.2: 2:23 time - 12:02 pace

Thursday: 3.1 mile run (12:17 pace)
Goal: 3 miles easy-ish (12:15 - 12:45)
Actual: 12:32, 12:23, 11:59, 1:09 time for 0.1 (11:45 pace)

Friday: 8.3 mile run (14:04)
Goal: 10 miles long/slow-ish (stay under 13:00)
Actual: Ha! That was a major fail. The high for the day was 93º; it was already 70º by the time I got started. Besides the heat, I don't know what was wrong, but it was just a miserable run.
1: 12:18
2: 13:08
3: 14:32
4: 13:31
5: 13:57
6: 14:33
7: 13:54
8: 15:59
8.3: 4:54 time (16:08 pace)

Saturday: 2 mile run (12:27 pace)

Sunday: 2.83 mile "5k" race (13:40 pace - very hilly route!) + 2.17 mile run (13:32 pace)
I did the NW Veg Race for the Animals 5k race. Although it is marketed as a "fun" trail run (it doesn't even have timing chips) I'm nonetheless annoyed that they started it half an hour late and the course was short. I know Garmin's aren't 100% accurate - normally, I record the intended race distance for my mileage, whether my Garmin measures slightly under or over. But a quarter of a mile under? I don't believe that's just from how the GPS signal was picked up. Abe did the 10k and measured 6.09.

Total miles: 27.6

It was nice that it was a cutback week, although I took the cutback a little further than intended (long run didn't even make it to the double digits - oops).

I finally realized how inconsistent I've been for a couple weeks now in taking my various medications (when I plan ahead and set out a week's worth of meds and supplements into a daily box, it looks like I'm a 90-year-old) - for hypothyroid, PCOS, and depression, which can all contribute to fatigue when not being properly managed. That plus the heat can probably explain a lot of the paces that I'm really not happy with.

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