Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Week Before It Starts


Tuesday: About 1.5 miles walking in Vegas

Wednesday: About 6 miles walking in Vegas

Thursday: About 1.5 miles walking in Vegas

Friday: 3.35 mile run (11:54 pace)

Saturday: 5 mile run (13:36 pace) + 1 mile walk + The Pilates Powerhouse* beginner level (15 minutes)

Sunday: 30 Day Shred level 1 workout + 3 mile run (12:46 pace)

Total miles: 11.35

I debated between taking it easy for the few weeks in between the Hippie Chick Half and the start of marathon training to avoid burning out, or carefully building up a solid running base. However, the former was more compatible with my laziness, so that's the route I took. But, I have been trying to be more diligent about strength training, which I should continue.

I think, starting with Saturday, June 1, I began a 30-day running streak - i.e., running at least one mile every day. I've been seeing information about Runner's World Memorial Day through July 4th running streak, which I didn't do because I was on a trip in Vegas this past week that would have been difficult to fit it in, but I thought I might try doing it for the entire month of June. I say "I think", though, since we'll see how much I'd rather have complete rest days versus running a mile once I start doing some longer long runs for marathon training.

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