Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Half Training: Week 14 Recap


Tuesday: K-Fit Weeks 3/4 workout 4

Sunday: Holiday Half Marathon - 2:52:10 (13:08 pace); per Garmin - 13.19 miles (13:03 pace)

Total miles: 13.1

What's next? For the winter (which equals rain and tax season), I plan on switching gears from distance to strength and speed. I'll continue the K-Fit program (I'm not counting this week towards the 12-week program since I only did one workout, I decided I need to do at least two for it to count). Running wise, I plan on mostly doing treadmill running - making it less boring by focusing on how far I can maintain a certain pace (starting with a 10:00 pace). The upcoming races I have scheduled are a 5k on New Year's eve, a half marathon in mid-May, and the Portland marathon in October. I'll probably try to continue doing a long-ish run on the weekends, but I won't worry about formally training for the half until a couple months before. But since I don't have to do a long run, I plan on using that time to try to go to a least one yoga class a week. 

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