Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cooking Light Circuit Training Workout

Circuit training is a method of working out that combines aerobic activity and strength training. Instead of doing a few sets of an exercise, resting in between sets, and the moving onto the next exercise, you do one set of each exercise in the circuit with minimal rest in between, then repeat the entire circuit.  

I was introduced to weight training in PE freshmen year of high school, but it was focused on maxing out on a few lifts. I gained an interest in strength training regardless, and bought some dumbbells to use at home. My parents had a subscription to Cooking Light, and one month I found a basic circuit training that I've used off and on ever since. 

Cooking Light Circuit Training Workout (circa 2001)
Do one set of each exercise in a row without resting, then repeat the entire circuit 2 - 3 times. Each circuit takes me about 10 minutes.
  1. Crunches (16 - 24 reps) (Hold a weight on your chest to increase intensity.) (Vary by including oblique crunches.)
  2. Squats (16 - 24 reps) (Hold weights at your shoulders to increase intensity.)
  3. Push ups (8 - 12 reps) (Modify with your knees on the ground if needed - but keep your body in a straight line from your knees to your head. If you really struggle, do push ups against the wall instead.)
  4. Lunges (8 - 12 reps each side) (Hold weights, with arms straight down, to increase intensity.)
  5. Dumbbell row (8 - 12 reps each side)
  6. Kneeling leg curl (8 - 12 reps each side)
  7. Shoulder press (8 - 12 reps) (Vary by facing your palm front or inside.)
  8. Swimming back raise (16 reps) (Like the video linked, but alternate lifting right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg.)
  9. Bicep curls (8 - 12 reps each side) (Vary by facing your palm front or inside.)
  10. Calf raises (8 - 12 reps) (Hold weights, with arms straight down, to increase intensity.)
  11. Bench dips ( 8 - 12 reps)

Note: I have no training in fitness or other health disciplines, and am only sharing my own experiences and opinions. This information should not be relied upon without consulting your own health professional and common sense.

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