Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Half Training: Week 10 & K-Fit: Week 2 Recap


Monday: 1.6 mile treadmill run (12:38 pace)

Tuesday: K-Fit Week 1/2 workout 1

Wednesday: 2.15 mile treadmill run (12:17 pace)

Thursday: rest day & bowling finals for the six-week fall league - My team was seeded fourth (out of... six teams), lost the first game, but won the second game to end up in third place! (My sub-100 scores weren't a contributing factor...)

Friday: K-Fit Week 1/2 workout 3

Saturday: 3 Day Rotation kickboxing workout + K-Fit Week 1/2 workout 4 (skipping medicine ball exercises, since I don't have one, and using the kickboxing video for the cardio intervals instead of running) + CNC plank challenge workout 4

Sunday: 6.1 mile run (12:46 pace)

Total miles: 9.85

Still trying to figure out how to manage running when it's dark an hour before I can leave work, plus raining virtually nonstop. I made plans with my friend Beth (with whom I'm running the holiday half marathon) to do a 10 mile run on Saturday, but she texted me an hour before, "are you sure you want to run"... no, I did not want to run in the rain that was coming down, thank you, much rather stay in my warm, cozy bed. I did make it out on Sunday when there were a few relatively dry hours.

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