Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Half Training: Week 9 & K-Fit: Week 1 Recap


Monday: rest/lazy/cross my fingers that I'm not getting sick day

Tuesday: 1.6 mile run (13:29 pace) (I got up early to run before work! But, geez, I'm ridiculously sluggish that early in the morning - yes, 7:15 is "early" in my world - with no caffeine. The treadmill doesn't look so bad right now...) + CNC plank challenge time trial (1:20.24) + K-Fit Weeks 1/2 workout 1

Wednesday: 2.55 mile treadmill run (11:33 pace)

Thursday: K-Fit Weeks 1/2 workout 2

Friday: CNC plank challenge workout 3 (I modified all the holding exercises to only 30 seconds each)

Saturday & Sunday: rest/admit that I got sick days

Total miles: 4.15

Umm... 5 weeks out from a half marathon, and my weekly mileage equals what one short-to-moderate run should be. Great. Catching a cold + rainy fall weather + daylight savings change = not conducive to running. I'll give running in the morning a couple more tries, I guess, but I'm not terribly optimistic that it'll provide the most efficient workouts. 

I used to run at the gym a lot when I was starting running, but (1) I often went with friends and chatted, and (2) I watched TV if I wasn't with friends. Somehow listening to music doesn't provide the same distraction that TV does. I have access to a treadmill at a small gym/fitness center in my apartment complex, but it doesn't have a functioning TV.  I do currently belong to a gym, but it's far enough away (especially right after work with rush hour traffic), that I rarely go (I joined with a coworker, but soon after she switched jobs, and she's now pregnant, so it no longer works to try to coordinate going to the gym with her) (fortunately it's only $10 a month, so not throwing away too much money). I've been thinking of joining a gym that's in between my work and apartment, it has a few levels of membership depending on what types of classes you want access it, but overall is reasonably priced. 

The new gym I'm considering has Crossfit classes, but it's pretty expensive to add that to your membership, and with my current focus on running I don't think it'd be worth the investment (plus there's the competitiveness and paleo-ness that I've read about that make me unsure if I'd really like the type of community it creates). In the meantime, I decided to start K-Fit, a 12-week program through Kemme Fitness - a system of functional fitness workouts. There's no real need to do a 12-or-whatever-week program, but the website includes a few programs to help you get started and used to the exercises. 

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