Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Goals

Try another 12 new vegetarian restaurants.

This was really fun to try new restaurants (though kind of a bummer to not have much chance to repeat any, since we're always going somewhere new!). Fortunately, there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Portland (and more always starting, I'm sure), so let's check out some new ones. 

1. Canteen
2. Vtopian Artisan Cheeses
3. Homegrown Smoker
4. Harvest at the Bindery
5. Loving Hut
6. Casa Diablo 
7. Juniper
8. Eb & Bean
9. Harlow
10. Pixie Retreat
11. Wolf & Bear's
12. Los Gorditos

Do 6 Portland/Oregon bucket list items.

Some of these are more general Oregon stuff than just in Portland (so farther away), so only do one every other month to make it more feasible to actually happen.

1. Go to Ashland Shakespeare Festival.
2. Visit Crater Lake.
3. Attend a Timbers game. (Carryover from last year - replaced it after not making it happen during the season.)
4. Visit Astoria.
5. Visit Oaks Park.
6. Tour Lone Fir Cemetery

Set a healthy eating goal each month.

My eating habits vary, depending on work, training, mood, and so forth. To maintain my weight loss, I have to be able to react to the other things impacting me, but I should still be taking deliberate actions to make it work. I'd like to set a goal each month to follow.

For January, I want to focus on getting more greens, by having either a smoothie or a salad every day. I really should be able to do both, but I'll start by having one or the other.

Set a movement goal each month.

I just started wearing my fitbit again. These might be all or mostly related to the fitbit (steps goal), or might be something else (e.g., 10 minutes or more of yoga every day, or walk around the block every morning). But by these I mean to incorporate habits of small movement throughout the day, as opposed to the larger chunks of deliberate exercise that I already do (but that are particularly vulnerable to life changes, busy schedules, and risk of injury).

For January, just starting out with the basic, average at least 10,000 steps per day.

Read 2 books or 500 pages each month.

Same goal as last year, since I totally failed at it (16 books).

I also want to play around with the idea of measuring in pages, rather than books (I had a fair number of longer books in what I did read this past year!). So kind of a dual-goal this year - I'd say 250 is probably a reasonable-ish average, so let's call the 24 books the same as 6,000 pages. Of course, that means I wouldn't get 2016 credit for pages in books I've already started, even though when measured in books I would count the whole thing. I'll track both and see where they each end up. 

Run 1,200 miles. 

To beat last year's - when I totally smashed my goal of 1,000 by getting 1,100.40! This will actually be more challenging, since I'm not planning a marathon (that's what really put me over the edge for 2015). It's 100 a month, or about 25 a week. I definitely don't routinely do quite 25 miles a week, especially if not training for at least a half marathon, so this should be interesting.

Bike 1,000 miles.

Double last year's modified goal - but since I got half of 2015's 500.05 miles in the last two months, this should be reasonable if I stick with it with any consistency year round. 

Swim 50,000 yards.

This one is a bit harder, since there are only specified lap swim times when I can go do this, so it's far easier for life to legitimately get in the way of this, than with running and biking where you can really head out (or to the basement) to do any time. I got to 42,210 last year, so it's not a huge jump, and not a big number on its own (it's not even quite averaging 2,000 yards - one swim session on the longer side of normal - per week). With any amount of effort towards accomplishing this, it should be doable. 

Volunteer at six races.

I've done 46 races (!) and only volunteered at one so far. Definitely well past time to start giving back to the community that makes it possible.

Volunteer at something each month.

And time to give back in general. I've done the occasional one-off event through work, but nothing consistent. I'll count the races towards this, but want to do something each month, whether that's a race or something else. The Oregon Food Bank has a branch roughly in our part of town, so I think at least doing that would be good, and I'll also see what other opportunities there might be for me and/or me and Abe to do together.

Maintain weight at 125 or lower. 

Obviously with an exception for if I get pregnant. 

Since hitting 124 in September, I've maintained it within normal fluctuations, under 125. A couple days last week I saw 122, but then I ate a lot of Christmas cookies. While I'd kind of love to get under 120 (keep in mind I'm only 5' tall, so 125 is barely within the top limit of the "normal" range), so long as I stay under 125 I'll be happy to settle where I am now.

Running races - tbd.

Any goals for running or other races for the year is totally dependent on if/when I get pregnant, so will have to wait and see. If it doesn't happen in the next cycle we'll be taking a break for a few months (to minimize overlap of a maternity leave with tax season), so would then probably do a spring half and maybe some 5ks over the summer before we start trying again.

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  1. 46 is a lot races! and congrats on the weight loss, it is hard work. I have been trying to chip away at a gain I had a few years ago and at age 49 it is proving to me quite challenging! I am 5' 2" and can't seem to get under 135 to save my life. You sound like you are at a great place.
    I like to monthly eating goal, that is a good idea to have a focus :)
    I love the running mileage goal, that is a big one. I am going to try to crack 1,000 :) You had a great 2015.
    Cheers to a strong 2016 :)


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