Monday, January 4, 2016

NROLFW Phase 6 Week 3


Monday: Run 5.6 miles (12:01 pace) + NROLFW phase 6 workout A

Tuesday: Run 1 mile (10:48 pace) + bike trainer 2.6 miles (15.2 mph, 70 rpm)

Wednesday: Run 1 mile (11:32 pace)

Thursday: Run 2.0 miles (13:28 pace) + bike trainer 16.5 miles (15.1 mph, 69 rpm)

Bringing my 2015 mileage totals to meet my goals!
Running: 1,100.4
Biking: 500.05

(And, after not swimming for the past six weeks, that stands at 42,210 yards - which is at least (marginally) higher than 2014.)

Friday: Run 1 mile (11:09 pace) + NROLFW phase 6 workout B

Final day of the running streak! (Thanksgiving through New Year's) I thought I should start the year off on a good foot with more than the minimum, but with this cold (illness) and the cold (well below freezing with wind chill - ridiculous wind gusts!), this still felt like an accomplishment. 

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Run 3.15 miles (13:21 pace) + bike trainer 7.75 miles (15.4 mph, 75 rpm)

A run in the snow before it turned to ice. 

Total biking: 26.85
Total running: 13.75 miles

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