Monday, November 9, 2015

NROLFW Phase 5 Week 3


Monday: Run 3.0 miles (12:57 pace) + Qi yoga for runners (20 min)

Tuesday: Run 3.0 miles (12:59 pace) + NROLFW phase 5 workout A

Wednesday: Swim 1,700 yards + bike trainer 6.5 miles (12.7 mph, 67 rpm)

Thursday am: Run 2.0 miles (13:28 pace)
Thursday pm: Ballet class (75 min)

Friday: Swim 1,300 yards

Saturday: Run 4.0 miles (13:41 pace) + NROLFW phase 5 workout B

Sunday: Bike trainer 12.8 miles (12.5 mph, 67 rpm)

Total swimming: 3,000 yards
Total biking: 19.3 miles 
Total running: 12.0 miles

I had plans of doing a lot more this weekend (another run, yoga), but had other commitments taking up time and I had to leave things off the to-do list to allow for my requirement of time doing nothing. I felt like I was totally slacking off, then saw on my daily mile totals that I exercised for 7.5 hours! I think training for a marathon (or even half, really) or a triathlon really skews one's concept of normal activity levels. Averaging a solid hour per day is really quite enough! It's plenty for general healthy and reasonable even for maintaining weight loss.

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