Monday, August 17, 2015

Hansons Marathon Method Week 11 & Triathlon Training Week 4


Monday: Ballet class (75 min) + easy run 3.5 miles (13:55 pace)

Tuesday: Speedwork run 7.25 miles (12:21 pace)

Plan: 1 warm-up, 6 5 x 1 mile @ 11:50 with 0.25 recovery, 1 cool-down
Warm-up 0.5: 13:47
5 x 1 intervals: 11:44, 11:46, 11:39, 11:39, 11:59
5 x 0.25 recovery: 13:20, 13:02, 15:07, 13:52, 13:40
Cool-down 0.5: 13:07

Dude. I'm to the point where the speedwork run, mid week, is 7 miles, after dropping a mile repeat from it. That's, a looong speedwork run. Marathon training is getting real. 

Wednesday: Ballet class (75 min) + swim 1,200 yards

Thursday: Unplanned rest day. I think for me, at this point, either the marathon training plan, or the triathlon plan with maybe a half marathon level of training, would be totally doable. But the combination is definitely a lot! If I don't take a complete rest day, I start feel super fatigued, both physically and mentally. Like one of the days last week, thinking about what I was supposed to do this day was just super overwhelming, and I took a break, coming back into the workouts on Friday feeling much better!

Friday: Tempo run 9 miles (12:10 avg pace; 11:54 tempo pace) + swim 1,200 yard

Oh, yeah, and then my tempo run could (if I did a longer warm-up) be the same distance as some of my long runs?!

Plan: 0.5 - 1 warm-up, 8 tempo @ 12:00, 0.5 - 1 cool-down (moved from Thursday)
0.5 warm-up: 13:54
Tempo 1 - 4: 12:02, 11:51, 11:47, 11:47
Tempo 5 - 8: 12:00, 11:47, 11:55, 11:58
0.5 cool-down: 14:50

Saturday: Long run 10 miles (13:25 pace)

My parents were in town Saturday through Sunday morning (we saw Wicked with them), and literally immediately after they left headed off to a family reunion on Abe's side, so there was literally just a couple hours Saturday morning and a couple hours Sunday evening to get anything done. I tried to get up early enough to get in the scheduled 16 miles on Saturday, and just struggled to get out the door (as I do, in the mornings), and just managed to hit 10 - which is not bad as a bare minimum long run, especially after doing tempo the day before. But certainly far from ideal.

Sunday: Play a round of disc golf (with cousins after the reunion) + bike 5.25 miles (10.7 mph) + run 2.45 (12:53 pace)

Total swimming: 2,400 yards
Total biking: 12.95 miles 
Total running: 32.2 miles

When I was planning out the week at the beginning, I realized that, if I did everything as scheduled (as modified), I should hit 40 miles this week! And then some things went to crap and I totally overestimated (as usual) what I could fit in on a busy weekend, and I barely got over 30. Last marathon cycling I peaked at 38 miles in a week, so even though I should have but haven't hit that yet, I still should end up with at least a few weeks in the 40s. And though I can't rely too heavily on crosstraining, there certainly is still benefit from my triathlon training and what it adds to the cumulative fatigue that's built into the Hanson plan..


  1. You really are doing some long runs back to back, your are bound to start feeling the fatigue. I would take the rest if you need it, I always tell myself less is more. I know it is hard to believe when we are training, but sometimes cutting back is better than over training and risking injury. You are doing great!

    1. Thanks! Definitely a hard call sometimes on whether the fatigue is part of what the plan is supposed to do versus too much! But I supposed undertraining and making it to the race is always the better risk. :)


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