Monday, August 24, 2015

Hansons Marathon Method Week 12 & Triathlon Training Week 5


Monday: Ballet class (75 min) + bike trainer 9.1 miles (12.1 mph, 70 rpm)

Tuesday: Speedwork run 6.65 miles (12:32 pace)

Plan: 0.5 - 1 warm-up, 4 3 x 1.5 miles @ 11:50 with 0.5 recoveries, 0.5 - 1 cool-down
0.5 warm-up: 13:34
3 x 1.5: 11:40, 11:51, 11:59
2 x 0.5: 13:37, 14:41
0.65 cool-down: 13:27

Wednesday: Ballet class (75 min) + easy run 3.35 miles (13:43 pace)

Thursday: Bike 3.5 miles (11.4 mph) + bike trainer 3.5 miles (12.9 mph, 60 rpm)

This was my last chance to bike outside before leaving town for the weekend, so I went as far as I could before it was closer to dark than I feel comfortable, then added a little more mileage inside.

Friday morning through Sunday afternoon we were in the Spokane area. We went to Silverwood, an amusement park, on Friday, and Saturday morning went out to my dad's family's lake cabin. 

Friday: Treadmill tempo run 4.0 miles (12:00 pace)

At the motel fitness center, because the air quality in Spokane (due to wildfire smoke) was way too poor to do anything outside. 

Saturday: Kayak 1 mile + open water "swim" + tempo run 5.05 miles (12:09 pace) 

The air quality was substantially better even in Spokane from the night before, and much improved as we headed north to the lake. I tried to make up for the tempo run which should have been 9 miles the day before.

My "swim" was just jumping off the dock and trying to get over the panic attack feelings of being in open water (which, granted, may been as much to the cold water temp as to anxiety) - I was seriously have some constricting feelings in my chest, similar to where a wetsuit pulls across and creates pressure. So not feeling like you can breath well doesn't make swimming any easier. 

Sunday am: Kayak 0.5 miles + open water swim 60 yards 

I still didn't do much swimming, but got in again, and swam from the regular dock out to and around a floating dock a couple times. Didn't put my face in, but tried to do some freestyle-like strokes regardless, in addition to lots of sidestroke. 

Sunday pm: Long run 10.3 miles (12:53 pace) 

A really good long run pace! (Goal = 12:50) And especially for doing it from home (not going to one of the greenway paths), meaning it's a somewhat hilly route. I felt it more after than I usually do (the pounding, my ankles feeling sore, etc.), but pretty proud of it. 

Total swimming: 60 yards
Total biking: 16.1 miles
Total running: 29.35 miles


  1. Big week! You did great on your longer runs ;) Shoot, even your speed work run was long.
    I bet the water is pretty cold there. Hopefully you will feel more comfortable as training progresses. I am such a weak swimmer, I admire you for doing it.

    1. Thanks! Fortunately for the race I'll have a wetsuit, and I think it'll be a bit warmer than this anyway. :) This wasn't in the lake where the race was, just where I happened to be for the weekend and thought I'd take advantage of an open water source.


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