Sunday, May 31, 2015

FT Flat Half Training Week 3 & NROLFW Phase 2 Week 3a


Monday: Play a round of disc golf + run 7.0 miles (13:13 pace)

Tuesday: Bike trainer 2.55 miles (15.2 mph, 58 rpm) + NROLFW phase 2 workout A + run 1 mile (13:02 pace)

Wednesday: Run 1.25 miles (12:30 pace) + Hips, Hearts, Hamstrings Yoga (50 min)

Thursday: Tempo run 5.85 miles (12:11 avg pace, 11:34 tempo pace)

Goal: Warm-up 1, 4 <11:30, cool-down 1
Warm-up 0.9: 12:27
4 tempo: 11:49, 11:25, 11:35, 11:27
Cool-down 0.95: 14:33

Friday: Run 1.1 miles (13:04 pace) + bike trainer 7.7 miles (13.2 mph, 60 rpm)

Saturday: Run 5.55 miles (13:57 pace) + walk 4.5 miles (to run errands)

A long run attempt that just would. not. click. Every slight incline felt ridiculously hard and couldn't be overcome. To partially make up for it, walked to the store in the afternoon - figured some additional time on my feet with lower impact wouldn't hurt.

Sunday am: Long run 11.1 miles (13:18 pace) + Yoga for Runners (35 min)

1 mile to the rec center, 9.1 miles on the treadmill, and 1 mile home. Change in scenery made a more reasonable pace feel a lot easier than it had been, despite being on the dreadmill.

Total biking: 10.25
Total running: 32.85 miles

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  1. Great week! 9 miles is a lot on the TM, I ve never had much discipline to stay on past 6 miles and typically I am lucky to get to 3 miles on one lol


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