Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bloomsday Training-ish Week 1


Monday: Easy run 1.2 miles (13:36 pace) - Needed a run for sanity after a very long day, but my legs weren't up for much.

Tuesday: Easy run 2.6 miles (12:47 pace) - Feeling pretty much back to normal now.

Wednesday: Easy run 1.5 miles (13:11 pace)

Friday: Mini tempo run 1.15 miles (9:51 pace)

Sunday: Long run 6.5 miles (13:07 pace)

Total running: 12.95 miles

Well, I don't want to speak too soon, but I think I'll survive tax season! Went over 70 hours this week, so the running I got in was mostly just 20-minute jaunts to run off the excess adrenaline and caffeine at the end of long days.

Next race on the agenda is Bloomsday, a 12k race in Spokane. (2014 and 2013 recaps.) Since it's less than a month after tax season, I'm usually coming off a time of running 8 miles in a week, rather than 8 mile long runs, so it's far from a speedy race for me. This tax season, of course, I trained for and ran a half marathon PR, so I'd better freaking be able to PR at Bloomsday this year - my best Bloomsday pace is almost a minute slower mile than the half I just did!

Based on my recent half PR, McMillan says I should be capable of a 12k (7.46 miles) at 11:19 pace; based on my recent 5k PR, at a 10:32 pace. Those wouldn't take into account the difficulty of the course, of course - this race has a segment called "Doomsday hill". Based on what I know of the race, my history with it, and perhaps overly optimistically about my current fitness, I think an 11:00 - 11:30 pace might be feasible. Perhaps go out at 11:00 - 11:15, and hope that retains enough to make it up the hill slowly down to only a 12:00 or so, and still average out under 11:30. 


  1. I have always wanted to run Bloomsday! My boyfriend's parents live in Spokane so we are there all the time during the holidays, but never around the time of the race. I really want to do it sometime

    Good luck with your training!!

    1. Thanks!

      It really is a fun race, and ridiculously well organized considering how huge it is. You should definitely try to make it happen at some point!


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