Sunday, November 9, 2014

What Does "Sponsored" Mean: Powell's Partner Program

See background on my disclosure standards and why I'm doing this post here. This post will be somewhat of a living document, and I'll update it if relevant information - either my own decisions or standards set by the sponsor - changes.

Sponsor: Powell's City of Books
Type: Affiliate links (NOTE: this post of disclosure does not contain any of the affiliate links being discussed.)
Contract length: N/A - ongoing agreement while links are present on my blog.
Compensation: 7.5% commission on sales within 90 days after an affiliate link is clicked, while a "commission cookie" is in place on your browser.

Sponsor hashtags: N/A - Affiliate links will not be shared on social media outside the blog itself.

My hashtags: N/A - Affiliate links will not be shared on social media outside the blog itself.

Blog post disclosures

  • The following disclosure will be inserted in the post prior to any affiliate links being included: Disclosure: This post contains Powell's Partner Program affiliate links. If you click on these links, it will place a cookie on your browser for 90 days, and if you make a purchase from Powell's within this time period, I may receive a commission from Powell's on the sale. If you wish to avoid this after clicking on the links, please clear cookies on your browser.
  • If I insert any affiliate links on a sidebar or otherwise visible from the main blog page, I will be include a to-be-determined short disclosure on the sidebar as well, so that the disclosure is easily visible at the same time the affiliate link is visible.

Summary of requirements: When a reader clicks on an affiliate link, it places a cookie on their browser. The cookie will remain in place for 90 days, and if the reader makes any purchase from Powell's during that time period from that browser, Powell's will pay me a commission of 7.5% on the sale. There is no compensation for clicking links or tracking of page views or impressions; the commission is only received if purchases are made.

How it works

If I am referencing and linking to a product that is sold by Powell's, I can generate code within my log-in to their partner program that provides a custom link ("affiliate link") to the product page and that includes a referral to my partner program account. I insert that link into my post rather than a direct link to the product page.

When a reader clicks on that link, they are directed to the product page, but the click also generates a cookie in their web browser, that tells the Powell's website that they came from a link associated with my partner program account. The cookie will remain in place for 90 days - unless you clear cookies in the browser, which will immediately delete the cookie. If the reader makes a purchase from the Powell's website - of anything, not just the product that was initially directed to in the affiliate link - within the 90-day time period while the cookie is in place, Powell's will pay me a 7.5% commission on the sale. 

There is no requirement to include a certain number of links, nor does Powell's provide compensation for simple clicks, or for views or impressions of the link. It is only if a reader both arrives at the Powell's website via an affiliate link and makes a purchase within the 90-day period (or before the cookie is cleared from the browser, if sooner) that I will receive a commission.

You always have the ability to delete the cookie after clicking on an affiliate link, and avoid providing a commission via future purchases. I will always try to provide sufficient text in or around the link that you can figure out a way to view the product information if desired without actually clicking on the link. 

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