Sunday, November 9, 2014

"A" Game Night

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Inspired by this post on Angela's SF Road Warrior, Abe and I decided to start an alliterative theme to our game nights (we end up hosting about 4 - 6 game nights each year, though I often intend to have them even more often, like monthly). I don't think we'll end up going through them strictly in order, but we did start at the beginning, hosting our A game night this weekend.


We played Apples to Apples - one I'm sure most of you are familiar with, and is a fairly popular staple at our games nights both that we host and attend.

We also played Anomia, a game we bought recently. It has a deceptively simple concept: each card shows a noun and a symbol. As players draw cards, if the symbol matches another card, they have to shout out an example of the noun on the other player's card, before the player names an example of the noun on their card. "Anomia" means the inability to name objects - it's amazing how hard it can be as you're quickly trying to see the matching cards, process what it says, etc. It ends up being a highly energetic and entertaining game.


The above photo shows the remnants after - didn't have a chance to take one before, plus our wonderful guests brought some of the items!

Angel hair pasta with 'Auliflower Alfredo sauce (recipe)
Arugula and Acorn squash salad (recipe)
Anakin's Asparagus (from Vegan Fusion)
Apples and Almond butter
Artichoke dip and Almond crackers
Agave-glazed pecans (made by Karey)
Aged godua
Apple pie Ala mode with Almond milk-based ice cream
Almond joy bar cake (from Vegan Junk Food) (made by Karey)
Apple Ale
Apple cider - sparkling
Apple cider - hot, spiced
Aloe juice
Acai juice

It was a lot of fun to come up with ideas for the theme, and ended up having some more variation in food and games than our usual standbys!

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