Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Uninteresting TV Facts

After a continuing busy-ness at work, my brain power doesn't have much capacity left to write something. Today's prompt for NaBloPoMo is: TV.

Currently watching: Gilmore Girls. The entire series is now on Netflix! I already owned the entire series on DVD, so my parents have taken temporary custody of them while I have online access. (Does Netflix ever take something off instant play? I'm afraid of actually getting rid of the DVD set just in case.)

Unexpected fall favorite: Selfie. I only gave it a chance because it stars John Cho and Amy Pond, but despite the rather absurd concept, it's actually pretty entertaining! And not only in a mindless fluff way.

Favorite TV show ever: Firefly. I'm afraid I didn't even know about it during the half a season that actually aired, so I supposed I contributed to the lack of audience that allowed it to be canceled, but once I did watch, I was hooked. At least I showed my support by buying the DVDs? (Also now on instant play, but also afraid to give them away just in case.)

Favorite TV show as a kid: Happy Days. I actually rarely watched mainstream TV as a kid; considering my age there are a lot of cultural references I don't get, or just barely understand. I mostly watched Nick at Nite and TV Land, plus Full House and the Cosby Show.

Coming late to the party: The Daily Show. I just started watching on a regular basis about a month ago. I'd seen and enjoyed various clips before, so I don't know why I didn't actually deliberate watch it until now. 

Most embarrassing TV show: America's Next Top Model. I only watch it when Abe isn't home. 


  1. Given that you love other shows I love (Gilmore Girls, Firefly), maybe I should be giving Selfie a try.

    1. Well, I wouldn't recommend as highly as the others, but it's far less mindless than ANTM! Good fluff with some intelligent quirky humor mixed in.


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