Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seattle Half Training Week 6 (Peak Week)


Monday: Easy run 2.3 miles (14:03 pace)

Saturday: Run 4.25 miles (12:18) - aiming for race effort - not all out, less than tempo, but significantly harder than easy.

Sunday: Long run 10.0 miles (13:29 pace)
1- 5: 12:57, 13:13, 13:11, 12:37, 13:16
6 - 10: 14:28, 14:12, 13:43, 13:35, 13:36

Total running: 16.55 miles

Between choosing to relax hard after finishing a work project for a presentation on Tuesday, and the winter weather that's come early, I've gone into serious hibernation mode this week. It's been difficult to peel myself off the couch for anything productive, much less making myself go out into the cold, windy weather to run. I tried my best to make up for the past week during the weekend though! Haven't done anywhere near the amount of speedwork and longer long runs that I planned to do, but still feeling relatively ok about the upcoming race. Now it's taper time!

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