Sunday, November 16, 2014

Conscious Consumerism: Rimmel Mascara [Sponsored by Influenster]

I was given the Rimmel items in this post for free from Influenster for review purposes, but did not receive any additional monetary compensation. Blog posting and other sharing on social media with brand hashtags was encouraged, but not required in exchange for receiving the products. All opinions are my own. See Influenster detailed disclose post here.

I recently received my first box of goodies from Influenster - the #ModaVoxBox. A couple of the items are disposable and/or plastic products that I try not to have in my life - tissues (I do have a box around for guests or occasional extra-gross situations, but generally use handkerchiefs), single-serve hot cocoa, and the bottled water. The hair mask and lotion are things that you can rarely avoid buying in a plastic bottle, so I'm still checking them out to see if they're products I'm really interested. 

The remaining items were make-up items by Rimmel: Rockin' Curves mascara, Moisture Renew lipstick, and Moisture Renew lipliner. (See me wearing all three products on Instagram here.)

I generally stay pretty loyal to my products - once I find something I work, I stick with it. I am, however, currently in the market for a new perfect mascara, so I was intrigued to have the opportunity to try this one.

Of course there are some specific factors I look for in a particular item (e.g., not clumpy for a mascara, non-sticky for a lip gloss), but summing those up in "product effectiveness", the three things I consider when buying something are: 

1. Product effectiveness
2. Readily available in nearby stores (to avoid shipping costs and materials)
3. Packaging (environmental impact)
4. Company responsibility (including animal rights)

Obviously the first three are or become fairly self-evident; the last one I try to confirm on PETA's animal testing list (though the three companies discussed in this post aren't on the list either way; I'm guessing because they're UK based?), and/or on the companies' websites.

For a few years, I had the absolute best mascara: The waterproof version of the Boots maximum volume I'm now trying again - but a couple years ago they completely revamped the line and it's no longer available in waterproof. The current version is good in most other respects, but I really would love to find something equivalent that's waterproof. 

I've tried at least a half dozen other mascaras in the past year. Most recently I bought this Pixi mascara, as the display indicated it was an animal-friendly, eco-friendly brand; it's water resistant, but merely ok in other respects. With this long search in mind, you can imagine I was intrigued to get a chance to try this Rimmel mascara in the Influenster box.

How do these current three options rate? Below are evaluations on the four factors mentioned above, on a scale from 1 to 10. (All are comparable in price - in the $6 - 8 range.)

Rimmel ScandelEyes Rockin' Curves
1. Effectiveness: 7. I found the "heart shaped" brush annoying - either I have oddly shaped or sized eyelids, or I just don't know how to use these brushes, but I can't manage to apply it to my entire eyelashes in one swipe, so the marketed ability to target certain parts of the brushes for certain spots just doesn't work. Provides good volume and length. Doesn't appear to be available in a waterproof version.
2. Availability: 10. Found at both Fred Meyer and Target, both regular shopping spots for me, and most other retailers that sell make-up.
3. Packaging: 5. Comes in rigid plastic on cardboard backing. Tube is on the larger side, but it also does contain more product (0.41 oz). 
4. Social responsibility: 7. No animal testing (source), but doesn't make it easy to confirm.
Overall: 7.25

Boots No. 7 Maximum Volume
1. Effectiveness: 8. Normal brush. Moist formula. Provides reasonable amount of volume and length. Only real drawback is that it's not available in a waterproof version.
2. Availability: 6. Found only at Target, as far as I can tell (for retail stores; also available online). 
3. Packaging: 8. Comes in a single plastic wrapping, no rigid plastic or box. Tube is a bit on the larger side for how much product (0.23 oz).
4. Social responsibility: 7. No animal testing (source), but doesn't make it easy to confirm.
Overall: 7.25

Pixi Lash Booster
1. Effectiveness: 7. Normal brush. A bit dry. Provides reasonable amount of volume and length - just a smidge less than the Boots option. "Water resistant" is a good balance - stays on through watering eyes, but can be rubbed off in the shower without the hassle of actually using makeup remover.
2. Availability: 6. Found only at Target, as far as I can tell (for retail stores; also available online).
3. Packaging: 9. Comes in a cardboard box, no plastic. Smaller tube relative to others with similar amount of product (0.25 oz).
4. Social responsibility: 10 No animal testing (source), and advertise to imply this and make it easy to confirm.
Overall: 8

Overall, I think I'll be sticking with Pixi for the time being, although I definitely am not calling off the search yet for the perfect mascara.

Influenster required disclosure: I received the Rimmel products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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