Thursday, October 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Currently Making Me Happy

1. This blazer from Target. It's knit, so it basically feels like wearing a sweatshirt and pulling it off as business professional wear. The fit is short (even the sleeves aren't excessively long) so it seems flattering on my shortness, and I love (1) the buttons on the sleeves and (2) that the sleeves can be pushed up (I really don't like sleeves on my forearms). I'm even 98.62% sure that no one can tell just by looking at it in normal usage that it's not actually made out of suiting material.

2. I found my barrette! To keep things easy without being sloppy, I wear my hair half-up pretty much every day for work (with the very occasional deviation when I'm feeling adventurous). But this is the only barrette I've found - and trust me, I've looked for backups - that holds just the right amount of hair and has just the right amount of tension. About a month ago, I couldn't find it. :( I've had to make do with a small hair band to do my hair, and it's just not the same. But yesterday morning I had to dig a bit deeper into my main container of toiletry stuff to find my eyeliner sharper, and I found the barrette (and the pencil sharpener).  

3. The cats are making significant progress in coexisting. Ok, they're not exactly cuddling with each other yet. But this situation is starting to happen on a regular basis, where Imogene is willing to come sit on a lap even when Hera is already somewhere on the couch, and/or stay put even when Hera joins us on the couch. 

There's still some hissing and swiping going on, especially when Hera seems to be getting ready to pounce on Imogene (I think in a playful way, not an aggressive way?) and Imogene is rightfully annoyed, but she's allowing Hera to get pretty close before being too expressive. They just might become friends yet!

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