Thursday, September 18, 2014

Three Things Thursday: Never Thought I'd Own Part 2

1. Ballet slippers. 

I took my first ballet class on Tuesday. :) I did do "ballet" in preschool, and then jazz and tap classes through high school, but it's been years since I've done dancing, and never had a solid technical foundation. Every summer I watch SYTYCD and wish I could do that (I mean, I know I won't ever be at that level, but I miss dancing at all). 

It's a 10-week "absolute beginners" workshop through Oregon Ballet Theatre. It appears they do a season of adult workshops two or three times a year; after doing the absolute beginners class for a few seasons, you can move up to the "beginners" class. 

A lot of the terms introduced in the class are familiar to me from my jazz experience (chane turns, chasses, rond de jambe), but my muscle don't fully remember how to do them as well as they used to. I'm concerned the tendonitis issue with my left ankle might be a hindrance; while plieing and jumping it was not too happy. But overall, it was quite fun! I'm glad I finally got around to doing this. 

2. A baby gate.

Well, I suppose I knew we'd buy one eventually, but this is a couple years early for needing it for kids. To help Imogene and Hera get to know each other, we got a gate (Abe found one used, it's one of the nice ones with an actual gate, so you don't have to step over it or remove it) in the doorway to Hera's room. It allows Imogene to see into the room without access for attacking, and makes us feel better about not completely shutting Hera in a room when we're not closely supervising.

However, the other day Abe left the door open, baby gate shut, while we were out of the house for a few hours. I come home, glance in the room to say hello to Hera, and don't see her anywhere. Not super weird, she sometimes hides under a blanket or could have been in the closet using the litter box. Then I happen to glance to the side into our bedroom, and there she is, sitting on our bed!

The next morning I witnessed how she did it - she has to turn her head sideways to fit in between the rails of the gate, but she can fit through. I caught her halfway out, and once I shouted no and she knew she was in trouble, she adorably wriggled her way back into the room. I'm sure she's also capable of jumping over the gate, but I don't think she knows it. For now, I think we'll only leave the door open when we're at least in the house to hear if anything is going on.

3. Skinny pants.

I've been successfully (albeit gradually) losing some weight, and finally got to the point where my work pants were too loose. I'm not super creative in my wardrobe, especially when I'm hoping to change sizes in the near future, so I mostly just stick with a couple pairs of plain black slacks, replacing them as needed, and mix it up with more fun colored sweaters and tops.

After a couple weeks keeping my waistband up with safety pins, I finally made it to Target to get a couple cheap pairs of pants. I bought one basic, trouser, straight-leg pair, and then another style stood out to me. Skinny pants. (Is that the correct term? I know if they're denim, it's "skinny jeans", "skinny pants" doesn't seem to quite have the same ring, but follows the same convention.) I tried them on mainly because they were ankle length, and I hoped that meant if they fit I wouldn't have to hem them.

Alas, I still had to hem them an inch and a half, but I found them surprisingly flattering! The fabric helps - it's a nice stretchy, thick but not too thick, twill - but I think the cut somehow actually works on me! 


  1. What a great idea to use the baby gate for the kitties! Do they sit and look at each other through the gate often? Or just kind of leave each other alone?

    1. Mostly leave each other alone. Occasionally Imogene comes up, sees Hera through the gate, and hisses at her.


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