Sunday, May 18, 2014

Foot Traffic Flat Half Training Week 1


Monday: Run 3 miles (12:35 pace)

Tuesday: Run 3.6 miles (13:22 pace)

Thursday: Run 3 miles (12:51 pace)

Friday: Bike 3 miles (5.9 mph) - 1 mile around a parking lot, practicing changing gears and braking, and 2 miles to and out-and-back on a paved trail + 30 Day Shred level 1 workout

Sunday: Run 6 miles (12:47 pace), including some 15 - 20 second strides in the last two miles

Total biking: 3 miles
Total running: 15.6 miles

Wow, this has been a good week! Finally have the time (and found the energy) to actually follow a training plan for running, which is great since I have my next half marathon on July 4th, and I don't plan on backing out of this one! 

(I ended up skipping the Hippie Chick Half last weekend. I was waaay undertrained, so I likely would have had a hard time convincing myself to get there that morning anyway, but there was also a memorial service that day for Abe's grandmother who recently passed away, so that took priority. Fortunately I was able to transfer my entry to a friend so it didn't go to waste!)

This 8 week half training cycle will also be the start of my preparation for Hood to Coast in August. We had our first team meeting a few days ago and drew names for legs. I'll be runner 8: first leg is 4.55 miles slightly downhill, second leg is my hardest with 5.75 miles with 900 feet of climbing, third leg is 4.09 with some slight rolling hills.

I'm also making the leap into triathlon training! This week I signed up for TRI Team PDX's introduction to triathlon season which starts in June, bought a bike - and rode a bike outdoors for the second time in 15 years, and made plans to meet a friend tomorrow to swim!

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