Monday, May 12, 2014

Bike Shopping Part 2

After a mostly impromptu excursion to a couple bike-specific shops, I realized there was at least one more option to check out - REI. Their website showed they actually had a bike with 650 tires in stock! Fancy that!

The sales guy helping me also had me try an XS women's bike with full size 700 wheels (this one), which was still an entry-level bike under $1,000, but a bit higher quality; unfortunately this pretty frame was still too large for me (based on my height, this would be the recommended size, but my inseam is a bit shorter relative to my height, and it's really inseam that effects where the frame comes up on you). 

So, it looks like I'll be going with the Novara Zeno - $649 but held off on purchasing it until next weekend, when I'm told it will be 15% off for REI's anniversary sale (plus I believe it qualifies towards the usual members' 10% rebate at the end of the year). :) The 650 size wheels allow it to have a smaller frame, but it's still an adult bike with relatively good quality parts (though still entry-level quality and price). 

It's still not as pretty as the Performance Bike option I was looking at, but for nearly half the price, oh well! (If the price difference were under $200 or so, I think I'd still spring for the prettier one, but for this much cheaper I can't justify it.) I'm sure I can add some color with tape on the handlebars (well, I'm honestly not sure what tape on the handlebars does, or how often it needs to be replaced - but I've seen tri bloggers talk about it, so I'm assuming at some point it'll be worth adding some color that way!). 

Not sure about a name, now, though. Any suggestions?


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