Sunday, January 12, 2014

K-Basic Week 10


Monday: Stationary bike 6.7 miles (16.1 mph)

Tuesday: K-Basic weeks 9/10 workout 2

Wednesday: 2.15 mile treadmill run (11:09 pace) + K-Basic weeks 9/10 workout 3

Thursday: Stationary bike 8.3 miles (16.6 mph)

Sunday: K-Basic weeks 9/10 workout 4

Total biking: 15.0 miles
Total running: 2.15 miles

Two things have kept me from doing more running than I have been (i.e., once a week): my ankle bothers me each time, and it's been raining virtually non stop. The treadmill run I did this week hurt my ankle almost immediately, whereas the race on the first only hurt after. I was talking to my friend Karey today (we saw the touring version of Evita), and she's been using KT tape for some shin issues, and highly recommended I try it. I actually have some, but haven't gotten around to researching how to apply it for my particular aches. 

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