Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Running Gear: Odds & Ends

If you're not careful, you can end up spending way too much money on running gear. It's not necessary, but it can be useful. I have this whole basket of random running stuff in my closet. A few of my favorite miscellaneous items:

Arm warmers: These ones are by Brooks and I bought them at REI last year, but I can't find them now on either website. They're a super soft fabric, have thumb holes, and a little mitten-type cover to pull over your fingers. But I highly recommend arm warmers of some variety for transitional fall and spring weather. When you know a short-sleeve shirt will suffice once you've warmed up, these are much easier than a long-sleeve shirt to take off, and carry or tuck into your waistband for the remainder of the run.

SPI belt: (Stands for Small Personal Items) Once I became a smartphone person, I've stuck with androids (because they're far superior to iphones) - but this can be an issue in fitting a larger phone into the storage pouch on many types of running hydration belts. The SPI belt, though, is stretchy - in both the pocket, so it'll fit any size phone, and the belt, so it's very comfortable and doesn't excessively bounce.

Reflective vest: I can't find this online, now, either! It's by Runner's World, and I picked it primarily because it's not ugly neon yellow! It's also adjustable and fairly comfortable, plus there's a zippered pocket on the front.

Gloves: Really, any old gloves will do. But these have an important feature for running: The two gloves clip together. So if you take them off mid-run, you can stick one in your waistpant, hang the other outside to counterbalance, and carry them without hassle or worrying about them falling. The other reason I chose these particular gloves is that they come in sizes, so I could actually wear gloves that don't have a ton of extra room at the ends of the fingers, and they came in white (well, officially they're grey, but they look off-white in person) for better visibility.

Hat: This is made by Brooks, but branded for a half marathon I did. I bought it at the next half I did after that one sponsored by the same running store. It was cold and raining, and I wanted something to keep the rain off my face. I'm not a hat person, but considering how much it rains here, it's worth having.

Road ID: You could also carry your license or a notecard with info, but you should always have some information about yourself and emergency contact when you're running by yourself! I've been meaning to order a new one (to add Abe), but Susan posted the other day about the 1BandID - a similar metal ID plate that wraps onto a watch band, so you only have to wear the one thing for both GPS and ID - and I'm considering getting that instead with the updated info.

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