Friday, December 6, 2013

Marathon Shadow Box

Although I've been saving all of my race bibs, and display them in a large frame:

I wanted to do something special to highlight my marathon bib and medal. After finding some pinterest inspiration, I decided to make a shadow box (and one for Abe, too)!


  • A shadowbox frame (these have space between the backing and the glass, to allow for display of 3D objects)
  • Scrapbook paper or other paper/material (maybe a a branded space blanket or map of the race route) for a main background, and contrasting colored paper to put behind the photo or other paraphernalia 
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Glue (I'd actually recommend less-sticky glue - like a cheap kids' glue stick - rather than better craft glue, as you might someday want to be able to pull up your bib or photo to display differently)
  • Race memorabilia - bib, medal, photo

1. Take the backing off the frame, and lightly glue on the paper or material you're using for the main background.

2. Trim a piece of contrasting paper to the same size as the photo.

3. Glue the photo, offset, onto the contrasting paper.

4. Glue the photo (glued onto contrasting paper) and bib (and any other flat components) onto the background paper.

5. Roll a small piece of tape and use it to stick the medal onto the background.

EDIT: eventually the tape stopped sticking, and I used Command adhesive velcro to attach the medal instead.

6. Wrap the medal ribbon onto the back of the frame backing, and tape it in place.

7. Put the backing back into the frame, and hang in a prominent location in your home!

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