Monday, September 23, 2013

A Curtseying Strawberry

Alternate post title: Comic Con: The Best People Watching

Saturday morning I ran the first long run of tapering - only 13.1 miles! It was still almost three hours, but felt so short relative to the past few weeks. Then in the afternoon, Abe and I volunteered at VegFest, handing out programs. (Note: standing for three hours after running for three hours isn't the best idea.)

I have kind of mixed feelings about VegFest - although the speakers usually sound interesting, the expo is pretty much all packaged, processed food. Since I'm trying to reduce my trash production and reliance on processed foods, even if vegan, I didn't really enjoy the event the last couple years. But I still think it's a good event to support overall, and I'm trying to get involved in community stuff and volunteering, so decided to sign up for it.

Upon being given our assignment ahead of time, we were asked if we were willing to wear costumes. Abe was fine, I said I preferred not to, and was told that was ok. I think I was assuming there would be more than just the two of us, maybe two people costumed and two people uncostumed? I'm not sure. But when we got there I realized it was just two people at that post; the two girls there for the previous shift were both in costume. I realized it would be more odd to not be in costume while Abe was, so I went ahead and did it. I was thinking I would be self-conscious, but I think the costume actually made me less so. Nobody was looking at me, they were just looking at the strawberry. 

Fortunately, the two girls we were taking over for warned us that people would want to take pictures with us! I had more photo ops than Abe - not sure if it was being female, shorter, or a strawberry that made me more approachable. The people wanting pictures were mostly either teenage girls or middle-aged couples, plus a couple little kids.

VegFest was at the Oregon convention center, which has three big convention areas. We were in area A, nearest to one of the building entrances. Areas B and C were hosting the Rose City Comic Con - so we had very entertaining people watching, trying to identify characters. There were quite a few people that tried to come up to the ticket takers for VegFest, not realizing it wasn't the event they were looking for. It's possible they just didn't realize that there were multiple events taking place in the building, but I'm also wondering if they saw two people in costumes just past the ticket takers, and not quite registering what those costumes were, assumed that meant they were in the right place.

Sunday I did a short run, followed by what I intended to be an hour-long nap but turned into three hours. I still managed to fit in some food prep though. Last week, after a full weekend of traveling and a 5-hour training run, I felt unprepared for the week and ended up buying lunch every single day, so even though cooking isn't my favorite thing, I was looking forward to this.

I made my usual default - roasted potatoes and maple baked tofu, chopped up carrots, and made tropical ratatouille from Vegan Fusion with quinoa. I think the only way it relates to  actual ratatouille is that it has eggplant in it - the sauce is coconut milk and peanut butter. It looks incredibly gross and grey, but actually tastes great! And if you know that I have the taste buds of a 12-year-old, you know that's saying something.


  1. I think it wouldn't be as weird as you think to see people in veggie costumes at a ComicCon. :-) You do make an awfully cute strawberry, btw.

    1. Are shows like Veggie Tales included? I guess I thought conventions generally covered anything geekery/science fiction, not strictly anything that was a comic/cartoon, although that would make the name a bit of misnomer, unless more franchises than I think issue comic book versions, which is probable.


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