Monday, August 19, 2013

Fait Accompli: Marathon Training Week 11


Monday: Study day

Tuesday: Study day

Wednesday: 6 mile run (12:57 pace)
Goal: 5 - 6 miles easy-ish (12:30 - 12:59)
1 - 3: 12:12, 12:56, 12:55
4 - 6: 13:22, 13:30, 12:47 

Thursday: 4 mile run (11:57 pace)
Goal: 4 miles fast-ish (12:00)
Actual: 11:48, 12:07, 12:07, 11:46

Friday: Walked a round of disc golf (lots of hills on this course!) (about 2 hours) and got at least ten mosquito bites. Why am I so attractive to mosquitoes? Abe didn't get bit at all.

Saturday: 7.35 mile run (12:19 pace) in Newport, OR

Sunday: 10 mile run (13:38)

Total miles: 27.35

I'm done with my masters' degree! I've been taking classes online through Golden Gate University, usually two over the summer (when I can reduce my work hours below full time) and one during the fall. I started it five years ago, after spending the first year post-college studying for (and passing) the four parts of the CPA exam, and then feeling a bit lost without having "student" as a part of my identity any longer. I have a lot more going on now, I don't feel the need to self-identify with my academic pursuits anymore, although it's certainly still possibility that I'll get another degree eventually. 

Abe and I spend the weekend at the coast, as a celebration of finishing my class and a last hurrah of the summer before he went back to work this week for the new school year.

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