Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marathon Training Plan

Yikes! I'm not sure that I'm actually capable of doing this. But, I guess I'll give it a shot. (That doesn't seem like a great attitude to go into this, does it? That's more my way of giving myself an out if I don't follow through, than actually thinking that I'm not capable of accomplishing this if I focus and set my mind to it. But I really do want to do this. Is that all it takes? A certain amount of drive? I hope so.) (Oh my goodness. About to hit Publish, and realized I need to add the label "marathon training". I am a bit scared by the prospect of starting this.)

Anyways, just two more weeks of doing whatever, and then I have to get to it! I have a few races built in - the two halfs are actually semi-deliberate to be used as training runs, and to hopefully set a massive half marathon PR so I can assure myself that I won't take 7 hours to finish the full. The 5k is just a race that I've done before by an organization I like supporting (NW Veg). 

I have a road trip planned with Abe in July, which starts with my high school reunion, so the 16-miler that weekend will be utilized as a way of showing him around my hometown. I'm not sure yet how I'll fit in runs the rest of the trip, but we'll figure it out. I also realized as I was putting the final touches on the plan that I'll be traveling to attend my cousin's wedding the weekend right before I start tapering, so that'll also require careful logistics to fit in that last 20 mile run!

This plan is a largely based on a SmartCoach plan, with some input from a Hal Higdon plan. On non- or light-running days, I also plan to do two strength training and one yoga or pilates workout each week.

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