Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too Close to Home

The shooting that occurred this afternoon at Clackamas Town Center was just 15 miles away from me. It's on the east side of the Portland suburbs, so not my neighborhood - but still basically my town, and a couple years ago I did live in that area for several months (about 5 miles away from Clackamas - so if I was going to "the mall", it was that mall).

I'm not usually one to get emotional about events that don't direct affect me - I can feel for the people involved, but tragedies happen every day, all over the world, you know? This was different. I happened to go on facebook about 4:15 or so, taking a break from a project at work, and saw a mention of it. I then went to twitter and the Oregonian website for more info. I had a live feed news video playing on one screen for the rest of the day. As far as I know, no one I know was there. But just the high probability that someone I know could have been there, that it's a place I've been so many times, really changes how I view this type of event.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the family and friends of the victims.

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