Thursday, December 24, 2015

Multnomah Falls

Our September Portland adventure was a visit to Multnomah Falls. The second highest waterfall in the US, it's just half an hour outside of Portland. It's an easy walk on paved path to get to the viewing bridge, and a not-too-long hike to actually get to the top of the falls. There are also trails going further once you get the top, which I'd love to get around to exploring eventually.

It took us just over an hour total to hike up, spend a couple minutes looking around, and hike back down. I was really annoyed when I realized, very near the bottom, that I'd forgotten to unpause my Garmin at some point! But you can see the non-straight line here where you're taking switch backs up the to the top. It's about 750 feet in elevation gain over 1.2 miles.

As far as difficulty, I think it's somewhat easy if you're in shape to walk on non-flat ground for an hour straight. I think my parents, who routinely walk on flat ground for an hour for exercise, would find it extremely challenging, but potentially doable. There were people there with strollers, which is pretty ridiculous (there are some paved sections and it's certainly groomed trail, but there are plenty of roots and rocks, and it's quite narrow in parts). But for average people on foot, a relatively easy but rewarding climb!

Slideshow with more pics:

Multnomah Falls


  1. We were there in September & loved it! Highly recommend! (Also the longer hike that goes all the way around.)

    1. It really is great! Glad the longer hike is also recommended! Hope to fit that in sometime next summer.


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