Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hansons Marathon Method Week 13 & Triathlon Training Week 6


Tuesday: Easy run 3.05 miles (13:17 pace) + swim 1,100 yards + bike trainer 6.75 miles (13.4 mph, 70 rpm)

Friday - Saturday: Hood to Coast!

Friday 12:50 pm - Leg 10: 5.52 miles (11:40 pace)
Saturday 12:25 am - Leg 22: 6.95 miles (11:57 pace)
Saturday 1:03 pm - Leg 34: 3.48 miles (11:14 pace)

Sunday: Long run 12.0 miles (13:05 miles)

Total swimming: 1,100 yards
Total biking: 6.75 miles
Total running: 30.95 miles

Obviously didn't do everything I should have as far as triathlon training (my goal has been a minimum of 2 swims and 2 bikes rides (at least one outside) each week), but Hood to Coast took precedence! I did intend to do one more easy run earlier in the week, but oh well. 

I think this was an odd amount of quasi-taper - I'm not sure my legs actually felt that well rested going into the weekend! But I did manage to maintain my goals for the race (sub-12:00 for all legs, basically treating it as my speedwork and tempo runs for the week), and on top of that did over 27 miles in 3 days! My legs felt done by the end of my long run on Sunday (I had 16 scheduled, and decided to play it by ear in cutting it short), but held up well enough and I guess this was perfect practice for running on tired legs per the Hansons Method.

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