Monday, July 20, 2015

Hansons Marathon Method Week 7 & NROLFW Phase 3 Week 1


Monday: Ballet class (75 min) + easy run 2.5 miles (13:47 pace)

Tuesday: Swim 1,000 yards

With 6 days of running, that obviously only leaves 1 rest day. Following the plan precisely, that should be Wednesday, but ballet class actually works legs (and feet) enough that it doesn't feel like one in regards to running and what I'm asking of my legs. So for the weeks when I have ballet class (this is the last week of the first 4-week summer session, then there's a week off, then another 4-week session), I'm going to have Tuesday as a rest day from running and anything else leg-intensive. Thus, swimming!

Wednesday: Ballet class (75 min) + speedwork run 6.15 miles (12:15 avg pace)

Plan: 1 warm-up, 8 7 x 600 m (0.38) @ 10:00, 0.25 recoveries, 1 cool-down
Warm-up 0.85: 13:38
7 x 0.38: 10:02, 9:57, 9:58, 9:59, 9:56, 9:57, 9:59
7 x 0.25: 14:16, 14:13, 14:22, 14:17, 14:29, 14:50, 14:25
Cool-down 0.90: 13:28

Thursday: Easy run 2.75 miles (13:51 pace) + bike trainer 2.5 miles (15.1 mph) + NROLFW phase 3 workout A

Phase 2 was supposed to be 4 weeks. I did 3 weeks' worth of workouts, scattered over several weeks, then decided to start over and do it in 4 weeks straight. That lasted about a week and a half, and I ended up doing 3 weeks' worth again over several weeks. That seems sufficient and I was getting boring, so I'm just going to move on to phase 3. 

FridayTempo run 5.65 miles (12:30 avg pace; 11:56 tempo pace)

Plan: 1 warm-up, 5 tempo @ 12:00, 1 cool-down
Warm-up 0.5: 14:46
4.5 tempo: 11:58, 11:54, 11:55, 11:52, 11:53
Cool-down 0.65: 14:53

Saturday: Run 1.15 (13:58 pace) - This was supposed to be 6. It was 97° at 7:45 pm. Enough said, I think.

Sunday: "Long" run attempts 7.5 miles + NROLFW phase 3 workout B

Plan: 10+ miles (10 on the schedule, plus it'd be good to go farther to make up for less the prior day.)
3.5 miles outside in the morning (14:38 pace) - only 75° when I started, but quickly heating up and very sunny.
2.0 miles on treadmill (13:36 pace) - took a short break and headed to the rec center, but I really have a hard time not being totally bored, and then it seemed (imagined?) my foot was hurting again (on the outside, where it was most recently but had seemed to gone away), so cut it way shorter than planned.
2.0 miles outside in the evening (13:53 pace) - back down to 77° and cooling. :) 

Total swimming: 1,000 yards
Total biking: 2.5 miles
Total running: 25.7 miles

Not an exceptionally good week. Yeah, all the commitment to the plan I was talking about being so important? Apparently I can only handle that for one week. 

Part of this week was difficult because my parents were in town Friday morning through Saturday afternoon (thus cutting slightly short the tempo on Friday, and not doing Saturday's until late in the day rather than before it got hot in the morning). But it's summer, there's tons of that kind of stuff that I simply have to learn (have the motivation?) to work around.

The heat (I thought we were done with our 90+ days for the month!!!) plus PMS was making me severely lacking in motivation and willpower. Sure, I could have done more on the treadmill, or gotten up earlier, etc. I hate to use PMS as an excuse - but I do have a week prior to my period of lower energy. Which is absolutely NOT to say that it makes me capable of less - but it raises the threshold for wanting to do stuff. It takes more energy and desire to overcome obstacles (like scheduling and the heat) to actually accomplish it. At 12 weeks out, it's harder to find that desire; if it were 6 weeks away I'd like to think I would have pushed through anyway.

On the plus side, I did fit in BOTH strength workouts! Plus a swim and short bike ride. I'm leaning slightly more towards signing up for the sprint triathlon at Best in the West since I'll be on site anyway for Abe's half ironman anyway. (I have til the end of the month to decide, realistically, before a price increase.) This upcoming week is 8 weeks out, so if I can two 2 each of swim and bike (including at least one outside bike ride), then I might as well.

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