Sunday, June 21, 2015

FT Flat Half Training Week 6


Monday: Walk a round of disc golf (90 min) + hike (1 hr)

Tuesday: Walk a round of disc golf (1:45)

Wednesday: Hike Pilot Butte (22 min up, 20? min down) + play short round (9 hole course) of disc golf (1 hr)

Thursday: Play short round (9 hold course) of disc golf (50 min) + easy-ish run 6.05 miles (13:05 pace)

Friday: Interval run 5.0 miles (12:01 avg pace)

Goal: 0.5 - 1 warm-up, 3 x 1 @ <10:35 with 0.5 recovery, 0.5 - 1 cool-down
Warm-up 0.5: 13:31
3 x 1.0 intervals: 10:21, 10:18, 11:07
2 x 0.5 recovery: 14:56, 14:40
Cool-down 0.5: 13:27

Saturday: Easy run 2.7 miles (12:53 pace)

Sunday: Long run 5.1 miles (13:30 pace) + 2.9 miles (13:59 pace) - better than nothing, but definitely not what I should be doing two weeks before a half! I think I'll aim for an early long run next weekend (Friday), to get another solid double digits in, instead of my usual two weeks taper. 

Total running: 21.75

Not bad mileage for only 4 consecutive days of actual workouts!

Total hiking on trails/disc golf courses: 7 hours

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