Sunday, May 10, 2015

NROLFW Phase 2 Week 1


Monday: Easy run 2.0 miles (12:56 pace)

Tuesday: Swim 1,400 yards + NROLFW phase 2 workout A

Phase 2 of NROLFW is a total of 8 workouts, so 3 - 4 weeks, depending on if you do 2 or 3 workouts per week. I've been doing up to and probably will stick to just 2 workouts/week, since I'm fitting it in around a lot of other activities. I've already done 6 workouts for phase 2, but that spanned the course of almost two months, so I decided to re-start and do all of the workouts in just the 4 weeks it should take.

Wednesday: Easy run 3.25 miles (12:44 pace) + bike trainer 5.6 miles (15.1 mph, 54 rpm)

Thursday: Swim 1,000 yards (2:14/100 yds) + NROLFW HIIT workout run 1.55 miles (11:35 avg pace) + Qi Yoga for Runners (20 min)

The NROLFW phase 2 workout B is supposed to include a 15 minute HIIT workout - it can be any kind of cardio, but for me I want to utilize it to work on my running speedwork. It's meant to be 1 minute for the hard intervals, but since I'd like to get under an 8:00 pace for quarter mile intervals (which would correspond with my goal 5k pace of 9:39), over the four weeks I want to stretch it to 2 minutes and get it under 8:00. 

Goal: Warm-up 3 min, 4 x 1 min hard (<9:00)/2 min easy, cool-down 3 min
Warm-up 3 min: 13:17
4 x 1 min intervals: 8:13, 8:00, 8:35, 8:01
4 x 2 min recovery: 13:53, 13:05, 13:27, 13:42
Cool-down 3 min: 12:02

Friday: Long(ish) run 6.0 miles (12:49 pace)

As I headed out for my run around 11:00 and entered a bike path that goes alongside Highway 26, I realized there were a couple helicopters overhead. Then, a guy ran by me - not weird, until I realized he was wearing sandals, not a typical bicyclist or runner using the path. Up a ways, he stopped and situated himself along the fence for a good viewing of the highway. Based on an article I'd read earlier, Obama was supposed to have been driving by that area sometime in the 10:00 hour (leaving Nike, heading to the airport), with Air Force One scheduled to depart at 11:00. But once I could see 26, it was apparent that he was still on the way. Eastbound was totally empty, and I could see flashing lights at the ramps in either direction. A couple bicyclists had stopped and were also hanging out watching.

Just a few minutes later, the motorcade went by. Not that seeing a bunch of cars is all that inherently exciting, but it was pretty cool to just know I was in that close proximity to the President!

Saturday: Bike 3.9 miles (8.6 mph) + bike trainer 3.75 miles (14.9 mph, 50 rpm) + NROLFW phase 2 workout B

At my bike fitting on Friday, I got toe clips and straps (don't necessarily help with power, as being clipped in would, but keep your foot aligned properly which does indirectly aid with power), and even though I realized I wasn't actually attached, it still freaked me out to ride that way. I cut the ride shorter than planned, and continued on the trainer to practice quickly removing my foot so I feel comfortable that I could easily pull away from the bike in a fall.

Sunday: Yoga class (90 minutes) + very easy run 1.59 miles (13:20 pace)

Total swimming: 2,400 yards
Total biking: 13.25 miles
Total running: 14.39 miles

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