Sunday, May 17, 2015

FT Flat Half Training Week 1 & NROLFW Phase 2 Week 2


Monday pm: NROLFW HIIT/speedwork run 2.25 miles (12:06 avg pace)

Goal: Warm-up 0.5, 4 x 90 sec @<8:30 with 2:00 recoveries, cool-down 0.5
Warm-up 0.5: 13:19
4 x 90 sec intervals: 8:16, 8:34, 8:41, 8:27
4 x 2 min recovery: 12:54, 15:35, 14:56, 14:51
Cool-down 0.5: 13:03

Not quite all on target, and overall feels a little worse than last week's paces, but not terrible, especially considering it was raining.

Tuesday am: NROLFW phase 2 workout A - Hey, I actually got up in time to do this before work! Go me!
Tuesday pm: Swim 1,300 yards + easy run 2.2 miles (13:05)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday pm: Tempo run 5.1 miles (12:00 avg pace, 11:34 tempo pace) - Definitely tougher than I'd like that pace to feel, but it is only the beginning of the training cycle.

Goal: Warm-up 0.5, 4 @ <11:35, cool-down 0.5
Warm-up 0.5: 12:57
4 tempo: 11:29, 11:37, 11:37, 11:31
Cool-down 0.6: 14:13

Friday: Bike trainer 4.5 miles (13.8 mph) + NROLFW phase 2 workout B

Goal: Maintain 90 rpm, going up a gear every 1.5 miles
1.5: 12.3 mph, 86 rpm
3.0: 14.0 mph, 86 rpm
4.5: 15.6 mph, 83 rpm

Saturday: Run 4.0 miles (13:12 pace) - This was supposed to be my long run, and I could just not get in a groove, and totally gave up. Combo of bad decisions (strength training the day before) and bad timing (PMSing, plus a rainy day compared to Sunday's nice weather) just made it not work.

Sunday: Long run 10.05 mile (13:18) - Due to a busy schedule of attending Abe's musical performances, I didn't get to start this until 6 pm, but it was lovely weather. Definitely not easy (what happened to all my 12:4x long runs last cycle?!), but at least I got in the miles and some more Gilmore Guys podcasts.

Total swimming: 1,300 yards
Total biking: 4.5 miles
Total running: 23.6 miles

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  1. Great week. It's always tough when a run goes like your Saturday one but we all have them. it's better to do what you did, and stop and go back at it the next day. Strength training always impacts how I feel running.


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